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What should I say?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) November 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

tomorrow is my ex’s birthday. we were together for a while and we are working to get back together but we don’t want to rush anything. it was my birthday last weekend and he sent me a picture of himself and said, “happy birthday hunnie!!” which is what we used to call each other. but I’m not sure what would be good for me to do, because I don’t want him to think I’m trying to rush it because we just recently started to talk again.

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Send him a picture of you.

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I wouldnt say “hunnie” yet unless he initiates it. Guys minds work so weird and there hard to figure out. So if he initiates stuff like calling you “hunnie” then go ahead and say it back, but if he doesnt start things I wouldnt be starting stuff myself and ruin things for me.
Best of luck!!

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What to buy a narcissist ;)

EDIT: Sorry, I’m tired and misread the question I thought it was his birthday and you needed to reciprocate the gift.

Just let things move organically and do whatever feels right. Trust intuition to guide you :)

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@sebastian_von_tulu Spot on! Well done, sir! Well done!

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As has already been suggested, send him a picture of you, since he sent you one of him for your birthday. But just a nice, smiling face shot, not one of those sexy, glamorous, almost-in-a-negligee shots.

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Why did you separate? Why do you want to get back together?

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The best thing both of you can do is take your time. That way both of you will know truthfully in your hearts what course to take. When I finally make the hard decision to let go of my ex I discovered many wonderful things.

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I think that in relationships we all gamble a lot. You have two out comes to everything you say and do. This is a case where you gamble. If you were in the relationship when he said that than relax on the hunnie part. He wants to know you care about him I mean it’s his birthda, who doesn’t want the girl they like to say happy birthday. If you planning on sending the pic send it with a “Happy Birthday” or maybe put a cutie at the end. Whatever you can do to make it girly haha. I think if you play a hessitant role you can win him over.. If thats what you want. If he asks “no hunnie?” Simple say “just taking it slow hunnie haha”. Be playful! Hope it works out for ya.

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