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Can you help me with my home-improvement project?

Asked by andrew (16358points) February 16th, 2008

I have a phenomenal new portable washing machine, and I need an adapter to go from my faucet to the washer adaptor because my faucet is too small.
What type of store would have this adaptor, that’s open on Sundays and is in the LA area? Home Depot? A plumbing store?

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I would assume that you could bring the faucet and adapter to something along the likes of ACE hardware and someone there could help you find just the right thing but I’m not an expert in that particular field…

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I dunno if your local hardware store is open on a Sunday, but you’d be surprised about the goodies you can find there, especially if it’s run by a crotchety old man. Those guys are the best!

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I imagine home depot, but again it’s an issue of finding someone there who can understand the fittings issue to set up the right combination of compression fittings/adapters and hoses. It would help to measure the fittings on your faucet (older homes may have 3/8” versus 1/2”), and perhaps a picture from a phone to reference at the store. They sell kits there as well, but make sure you also get the teflon tape; lastly good tools are really essential to a clean install-don’t skimp there or risk damaging/ripping the threads on the connections.

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According to me, you should purchase washer adaptor from online stores on Sunday also. Such kind of online stores also provides best quality adaptors in reasonable price.

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