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mac g4 handle leopard + iLife?

Asked by kman (1points) February 17th, 2008

want a cheap mac, can a g4 handle all of this pretty well? Any other recommendations?

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I’m using the last generation iBook G4, and it runs amazingly well! But there are still some lag at times, I’d advise (if you can) for you to get a G5.

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GarageBand will be a bit of a drag. But overall you should be fine. And I wouldn’t count on 10.6 running on it. That is still a few years away so I wouldn’t really worry about it much.

Just get as much RAM as you can put into it. I would rather have a G4 with 2Gigs over a G5 with 512Megs. OS X loves RAM.

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My PowerBook G4 is dealing nicely with leopard and iLife with 1.5gb of ram. I think the only thing that’s not installed was iMovie HD. It popped up some kind of warning when I ran the installer indicating I didn’t have enough power for it, but everything else has been fine.

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