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What are some small talk conversation starters for a high school reunion?

Asked by shilolo (18085points) November 27th, 2009

I’m shortly attending my 20th high school reunion. Of course, things like “Where do you live or what do you do for work or marriage/kids?” seem obvious. Can anyone suggest any other conversation starters?

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Politics of the past week?

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I would really avoid politics.

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Where have they travelled since they last saw you?

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“After graduating, I went on to become a Fluther moderator. And you?”

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NO politics. Ask about family. That always gets people talking.

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I love listening to people talk about politics!

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“Did you ever get that rash looked at?”

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“So what are your current life goals?”

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I’d like to introduce you to your daughter. Note: this will only work if you’re female and the person you’re talking to is male.

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Where all have you lived since we saw each other last? How do you keep looking so young? Whatever happened to what’s-his-name, you know, the one that used to date that cheerleader? How about those (sports team)? Did you hear what happened to our third period math teacher? Are you enjoying yourself? Wanna dance? Do you still like (fill in the blank but be nice)? Pretty nice place, huh? The tulips are sure beautiful at this time of year, aren’t they? Hey, who did your nose job? Are you enjoying yourself? Wanna another drink? Have you ever been arrested? Recently? It sure would be nice to be in Hawaii right about now, doncha think? What kind of car do you drive now? Have I told you that I sell insurance? So how many husbands have you had? You look great now that the zits are gone! Are you single these days? What do you really think about Quantum String Theory? Do you like Windows 7? What’s your favorite restaurant?

It is really going to depend on who it is you are talking to, don’t you think?

@Mamradpivo – It’s the twentieth reunion. It could also be grandchildren, especially if the kid takes after mom.

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Ugh, I’m going to mine tomorrow night and also have no idea what to talk about.

frankly my memory of high school is so spotty, I doubt I’ll remember hardly anyone

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It’s helpful if the organizers make name tags with senior pictures on them, so you can match people up. Also a homeroom list with attendees by homeroom is good, so you can play human bingo. If your class did senior superlatives, see if the most likely to actually became what people thought they were most likely to.

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Thanks all. @Darwin I suck at small talk. I promise to try all of those…

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remember when we had sex in the gymnasium?

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Pleasant memories?

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@shilolo – Since you are a doctor, you could also try “After this is over, why don’t you come see me about that growth. It looks malignant.”

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Man, who are all these old people?!?

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“Remember when we were cool? yeah…those were the days….”

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@evil2 Thanks, but I need to stick to the truth…
@Darwin Good idea, especially if the growths come in pairs ;-)
@ccrow Indeed
@eponymoushipster See my answer to evil2.

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It’s so strange…..everyone here says they are 38, but I’m still 20… old are you?

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I just attended my 5 year reunion. The focus seemed to be on my pregnancy stomach, but since we’re young..a lot of the questions I asked were “Where did you go to school and what for?” Some were getting Master’s and loved talking about it, and I learned quite a bit about different programs which was cool.
Hmm. I like the asking about life goals thing. What they still want to accomplish. Although, that might come off badly if said in the wrong way.

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You could always ask them what they think about getting swine flu vaccinations. :-)

Where they live now, whether they still have family in the area, what are some of their best memories from high school.

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You know, basically for me when I went to my 20 year a few months back, I pretty much asked people what I actually wanted to know, even if it was ‘what do you do’ or something to that effect. I stayed away from the people I had no desire to talk to (there were very few to be honest though, I only had 90some people in my class and over half didn’t show).

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