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Which mp3 player will work on a Mac?

Asked by Facade (22907points) November 29th, 2009

I don’t really want to buy a new iPod; I want something else.
Plus, I’m assuming, since this happens when I plug in my current iPod, that they only work with iTunes, which I am no longer using.
I found this. Found some sites and people who say it will work with a Mac despite the manual saying it won’t, and some who say it will not work. They said something about the software not being compatible.

Can you help?

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Any media player should work with a mac, you may need to convert some audio files to Mp3 formats though, but there are millions of sites that offer that.

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@Resistka Even if there is no Mac software for the device, only Windows?

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USB should be read, then again I have only worked on macs once or twice and thats for broken screens. Im a teach of all windows… computer windows…


MPEG Audio Layer III is obviously what MP3 means, and yes it is Microsoft but it’s also an entertainment codec/scheme so you can’t buy a MP3 player and go out of luck realizing all you have is a Mac.

Mp3 is a windows Format, Mp3 player uses the format, but is different because it is a Individuals device.

Basically a MP3 player is not “Windows hardware” it may have been designed for that but it’s not just Windows, all you need is A Mp3 Player with USB (Mass storage)

Edit: I found some work some do not here is a list of some that do,

1. Cowon audio
2. Sandisk
3. Samsung p3

Im sure when buying a Mp3 player it will tell you requirements if windows is shown, strictly it is probably not for mac, if it says Requirements: Windows Xp/Vista/7…ect you can choose to buy it and keep a receipt because that just means if you are using windows you need Xp and up, THEN If it does not list windows, its compatable with any processor.

Your best bet is one with Requirements: Windows Xp+ / because if a Mp3 player is compatible with Windows 98 it is the worst Mp3 ever. (Crappy System language)

I am interested in Mp3 to Mac stuff now, so I will keep google-ing, =)
– Kam

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If it can be mounted as a mass storage device, you should just be able to drag over mp3s that you want on it. It won’t be able to sync with iTunes though.

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@justn That’s perfect actually. I’m not using iTunes. I’m going to be using an ahem alternate program lol

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@Facade Haha, I don’t blame you. iTunes is a bloated beast that needs to be re-written in Cocoa from the ground up.

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One more question, do all mp3 players allow you to select what you want to listen to from library folders or some type of listing feature?

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Anything with a Sync

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@Facade I’m not sure about all, but I would guess most would. Back in the day before I had an iPod, I had a Rio and everything was automatically organized with artists and albums. That was a sweet mp3 player.

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I bought a Samsung U5 today. It was about $30. It works great, and I love it =)

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