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What's a great toy for my 7 year old daughter? She's computer and consumer electronics savvy.

Asked by altamerc (41points) November 29th, 2009

Toys for my daughter

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When I was 7 I had a fake laptop from Target..

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What is she into besides computers? I think some sort of computer game would be great, though. I LOVED the JumpStart games when I was growing up. What grade is she in? I’ll find you some links.

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Nintendo DS?

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I second @Darbio16 Nintendo DS!
My little brother is turning 7 in Dec, and he loves his.
I also happen to love mine.

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Books! Dolls! Art supplies!

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@sliceswiththings GA. I’m all for video games, but that’s all any of the kids in my family or babysit do. I’m a big fan of the educational games though played in moderation. They can be pretty challenging. Something hands-on would be great though.

syntak's avatar has some cool stuff. agree with @sliceswiththings, art supplies are the best!

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How about something completely different, for rounding sake. What about some great books for 7 year olds (is she too young for the Oz books?).

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@rangerr The good thing about the DS is that there are a ton of educational, yet fun, games for it.

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The game “Bookworm”! It’s educational, too. or some good books, like The American Girl Doll books.

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I would get her some books on how the technology works. Like the DK series. She might be a bit young for some of the deeper titles but they have plenty for the younger set.

What else does she enjoy? Is she into role play, construction or action?

I also would recommend toys that involve building or creating. I never met a kid who didn’t like showing off something they made.

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