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Can we talk about mayonnaise?

Asked by nope (1804points) March 12th, 2010

I’ll be up front here. I love mayo. I have a mayo obsession. I was raised on Best Foods brand; my family always bought the 30 oz. jar at the grocery store and kept it in the fridge until we needed a replacement. This went on until my dad decided that the 16 oz. jar was MUCH easier to get a knife into when the supply ran low (brilliant), so we started buying that size.

I did that as an adult, until I started paying attention to prices…the little jar costs almost as much as the big one. So I started buying bigger again. Then they came out with those great upside down dispenser bottles. They’re expensive, but boy do they work. I hate the container waste, though, because they don’t last all that long, and (especially recently) I have a hard time throwing away so many plastic bottles, even if they go in the recycling bin. So, nowadays, I buy the huge 64 oz. container at Costco, which is great when you need a cup or two at a time (salad dressing, or whatever), and I also use it to refill my upside down dispenser jar. Is that weird? :)

I was doing this tonight (the refill), when I realized how obsessed I am with mayonnaise, so I thought I’d ask you fellow Flutherites how YOU feel about mayonnaise, just about the world’s most perfect condiment. What brand do you like? What size do you buy? Do you ever make your own? How do you store it? What kind of oil do you use, and do you use raw eggs? So many things to consider.

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It is my most hated food. Quite possibly the most awful thing ever created.

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Mayo is one of the most disgusting substances on earth. period.

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I’m all right with mayo. I prefer Helmanns. I used to work for Best Foods. However, I don’t buy very much anymore because nobody else uses it very much and they’re all the type of people that will buy anything that’s white, even Miracle Whip.

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I hate real mayo but I do sometimes indulge in Miracle Whip salad dressing. I buy small jars and often throw them away half full if they start looking crusty or weird inside. I guess I don’t use it that much. It is weird but if I want something to put on a sandwich I prefer mustard.

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As vegans, we consume (goes to check the fridge) soy-based Nasoya brand Nayonaise and it’s just as good as real mayo.

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I don’t mind a little mayo on my sandwiches.

btw, I’m in love with this question. GQ.

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I am so with you, I love mayo. I slop it onto sandwiches like its the elixir of life… i mean thats all i use it for but i can never have too much on a sandwich (im not a fatso i swear)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I don’t know a whole lot about “veganometry”, but I assume it’s the eggs that make regular mayo unacceptable in your diet?

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At the McDonalds at the Taipei zoo in Taiwan they only serve chicken sandwiches and a green Wosabi mayo with the fries…I like the asian version of Wosabi Mayo…only a 13.5 hour flight! lololol

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They make mayo in my city and you would not believe the amount of eggs that are used just for one quart. it could not be good for your arteries. i am not a fan of mayo. we only use Miracle Whip Lite. it has a whole lot less of the bad things in real mayonaise. an addiction is an addiction and appears you are addicted to real mayo. have you had a heath checkup lately?

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I love it, wont eat a roast beef sandich without it. Wasabi mayo is a bonus. Miracle Whip is pure evil, blech! :)

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@bythebay I wholeheartedly agree about Miracle Whip.

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Whenever someone talks about enjoying mayonnaise I’m reminded of the time I made a tuna sandwich for my father and I put way too much mayo in it – he replied with “next time try to make it so I don’t feel like I’m eating a bunch of semen, thx”.

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I used to use mayo with turkey sandwiches, until I tried mustard and found that I liked it quite much, so now I only use mayo regularly to make tuna salad. (Someone told me that I should try mustard for that, too, but I’m sure they were joking. Or trying to kill me. There’s a fair amount of that feeling out there, I think.)

Oh, that, and for broiling swordfish. There’s nothing like broiling a fresh swordfish steak that has been lightly slathered with mayo. It browns up nice and keeps the fish moist. To die for.

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Hey…I love Miracle whip…but ONLY on cabbage…never sandwiches! hahaha

It makes a great cole slaw dressing with apple vinegar.

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@CyanoticWasp One day I was bored and took a chicken tender, covered it in mayonnaise, rolled it in bread crumbs and deep fried it. It grossed everyone else out, but I thought it was pretty good.

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Gag. Retch.

I hate all the aises.

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Mayo,Maaaaayyy-o,daylight come an you wanna go hoooome! ;)
love it

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Like you, I also buy the bigger jars when on sale. I use them until I can’t conveniently get it out without getting it all over my fingers.

Then I use a spatula to get out the rest to refill the squeeze bottle, which now is coming out in progressively larger sizes these days. I am very frugal that way.

I don’t slather it on that heavily EXCEPT in summer when fresh heirloom tomatoes are constantly available and I absolutely live on tomato sandwiches, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Only Hellmans will do. Can’t stand the abomination known as Miracle Whip.

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@tinyfaery is that californian for ‘wretched’?
to the OP: I am giving this a GQ because it’s past midnight and these are the kinds of questions I will respond to when I’m half awake.

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I like any kind of white gooey sandwich spread. I prefer ‘real’ mayo, but I don’t refuse any other kind.

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I like Mayo, but bacon is my favorite condiment.

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I really love mustard. It adds flavor without adding so much fat and calories. I bet that mayo stuff has like 100 calories a tablespoon or something.

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retch |re ch |
verb [ intrans. ]
make the sound and movement of vomiting.
• vomit.

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OMG! Fresh tomato sandwiches on toasted bread! My heart be still!

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Also, if I’m desperate for a tomato sandwich fix mid-winter I have been known to resort to buying Santa Brand Grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes and slicing those tiny little suckers in half and making a (sort of) sandwich from them.

They’re the only kind that have any decent flavor. I NEVER, no matter how desperate, will resort to those horrible pink plastic, gas ripened, baseballs they laughably try to pass off as tomatoes. Ugh.

I really am rather persnickety about the specificity of my food choices.

I really should have tried for a second career as a food writer, a la Calvin Trillin or such.

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I really like spatulas too.
And spreading mayonnaise with spatulas. Plus, you can get every last bit of mayo out of the bottom of the jar if you use a spatula.
I <3 spatulas
I <3 mayo

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@Vunessuh -I love that too! Could you be the daughter I lost at the train station??lol

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@tinyfaery oh, well you live, you teach me new English words, rock on.

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I don’t use very much and prefer Helman’s. I buy the quart and usually have to throw some away because I don’t use it enough but it’s still cheaper than buying the smaller jars. I miss glass mayonnaise jars too.

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@CyanoticWasp I also love mustard, and I too make tuna with mustard – mainly dijon.

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I stopped having mayo when I realized how fattening it is. It wasn’t very hard for me to quit mayo since I was never really a big fan. I hate it when I order something with no mayo and then when you get your food there’s a big blob of mayo right in the middle of my sandwhich. Ugh!!

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I don’t eat it. I use salad dressing on sandwiches. It’s not the fat I care about, it just tastes like crap and I don’t like processed food.

I plan on making it myself one day, though, because I’ve heard it is much better homemade.

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I was raised on a household that was evenly split between Miracle Whip and Hellman’s mayo.
These days I just make my own. If cost is an issue, this is the way to go. You can put it in a 99 cent squirt bottle if you like the squirt idea.
I no longer eat any processed, corporate foods so eggs, oil, salt, pepper, lemon… it was a no brainer.

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For anyone desiring a great step by step tutorial on mayo making, just go to YouTube and do a search for


It’s a two parter with lots of interesting facts and science stuff as well as the reason you should leave it at room temperature for several hrs after making before refrigerating.

AB is really a fun guy. Guaranteed you won’t be bored.

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Mayo rules. I like dipping grilled cheese sandwiches in it.

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i used to like mayo on sandwiches, but now i realize it’s kind of like empty calories. i now only like it on potato salad or whatever stuff it’s called for in a recipe. i cannot stand the smell of mayo on my hands. even with soap it’s really hard to get off.

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I adore mayonnaise! It’s my favorite condiment ever. And as for Miracle Whip, who ever it was that called it an abomination was completely right. I know it’s just mayo with sugar in it, but I find it to have a horrible taste. And there was this glop that my college used to serve. It was a mix between mayo and salad dressing and it was awful. They were trying to find a compromise to make everyone happy and they ended up making no one happy.

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Not a huge fan of straight mayonnaise. I do however enjoy some mayonnaise derivatives such as Thousand Island, and In-N-Out’s ‘spread’. For sandwiches, I’m a mustard guy. I like all different kinds of mustard.

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@Symbeline NOW we’re talking!

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I’ve always been a Miracle Whip lover, myself. I DO like real mayo, but MW always ends up in the shopping basket.

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I’m grossed out by mayo and only use it sparingly (like apply it to sandwich bread and then scrape most of it off). I won’t eat anything that features mayo as a primary ingredient and I am totally sickened by big blobs of it.

Bouncing around random questions and felt like responding.

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@MissAnthrope big blobs of mayo freak me out too.

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I LOVE MAYO. I WOULD MARRY IT IF I COULD, AND DIVORCE IT SO I COULD marry it again…sorrry for the shouting,,, but I got really excited to see that someone else out there loves this creamy white heavenly substance as much as myself…lol…:)

Mayo, not miracle whip or salad dressing, although I like those also, but plain Best Foods or Hellmans mayo is the winner.

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I read in the newspaper that if you add some spices to mayonnaise, you can call it rémoulade. Whooooo, french.

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So, if this OP is resolved, (please ignore this if not):
What would you add to the other brands of mayo to make them taste like Hellman’s?

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