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What did you do after graduating with a poli sci degree?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6576points) December 3rd, 2009

I graduate two sundays from now and I was wondering what other people have done with the same degree as me.(4 year degree). So what did you do where did you end up, would you have done something else?

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Go to law school

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Get caught up in the left v. right paradigm.

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Too busy and poor to go to law school for now and I already am darbio. Did you guys get poli sci degrees

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Once upon a time I worked for a company that did political phone surveys. The people who worked with the clients and wrote the surveys were political science graduates.

(I don’t have a poli sci degree)

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Grad school? Many decent programs would offer you a stipend. It’s not much, but they waive tuition and pay you a little bit to get by. It’s a lot more than minimum wage. Meanwhile, you earn another degree. That’s what I did and I am happy with my decision (I was not poli sci- I am sociology).

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Go hungry to Law School.

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BS in Bus with emph in Acctg & MIS but I thought about poly sci until I decided I would need a job. With a year of teacher training, you could teach hi school social studies lol

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I graduated with a BA in Political Science.

I spent a few years working with youth groups (not political science related), but then went back to school and got a master’s degree in public policy (definitely political science related). I now work in DC at a policy think tank.

Ignore all the snarky answers above. Poli sci is no less (or more) valuable a degree than any other social science or humanities degree, and it offers you no less (or more) flexibility.

What do you want to do with your degree? Why did you major in PS in the first place? Does being a lawyer interest you (if not, don’t go to law school just because you couldn’t figure out anything else to do)?

If you are interested in government and policy, you might try coming to DC and finding an entry level job at one of the thousands of policy shops, interest groups, advocacy orgs, alliances, etc. Spending one or two years here in that kind of job can be very illuminating.

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Nothing. I didn’t graduate with a poli sci degree.

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After my brother finished his political science undergraduate degree he got a masters and a Phd. He is now a college professor teaching political science. He has also had two political science textbooks published.

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@SuperMouse See——If you can’t think of anything else, teach. And that comes straight from the teacher’s mouth!

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@Michael that is some really good advice. I took it because its the only thing that really interested me when I went to school. Originally I thought going to law school and being a lawyer was for me but now I’m not too crazy about it. Policy does interest me and I think I would be interested in lobbying in the long run. Maybe your D.C. advice is right up my alley.

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