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How to play .mpg files ?

Asked by panspermia (308points) February 21st, 2008

i downloded a movie. Movie’s file extension is .mpg
i am using a BS Player for the movie but it didnt work with it! i also tried some different player(Windows Media Player, VLC, W─░nDVD, DivX) whether it opens it or not but that also didnt work it.! What can i do for it? any feedback would be great!

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VLC should be able to play a MPEG encoded file without a problem (I’d bet WMP can too, though not running Windows I can’t verify that). Are you sure the file isn’t corrupted in some way?

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i am sure that there isnt any problem of the files..I really dont understand even VLC didnt open it.! I know both BS player and VLC are able to play mpeg extension but it really didnt work out!

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Quicktime is you key here. I’m surprised you don’t have it already with popularity of iTunes and iPods (Quicktime comes packaged with these). Not to mention its one of the oldest and most intergrated codecs for video.

And as the others are saying VLC should play those as well. I’d make sure that you have the most recent version installed.

But yeah, Quicktime is great. If you don’t beilve me, just go watch any of the videos on the Apple’s Trailers page. There you can see the beauty and power of the codec (.H264).

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i’ll download it. i used to play the movies with Quick Time but i really dont know why i dont try it…i tried to open with VLC but i told you that i didnt work out.

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@spargett: quicktime is great but the only thing I don;t like about it is Apple requires you to upgrade videos to QuickTime Pro to watch videos in full screen.

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@mirza: actually the newer versions of quicktime let you watch full screen even if you haven’t bought pro.

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I was just going to say that.

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as a result of this, do you think Quick Time will open the extension files of .mpg?

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If you have Flip4Mac, for example. If it still doesn’t work, your video is most likely corrupt.

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