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Uncommon delicious food combinations...

Asked by andrew (16543points) December 31st, 2006
My favorite is fresh-ground pepper on strawberries. Any other suggestions along these lines?
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balsamic vineger on strawberries is good too
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salt and cumin on green apples
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Balsamic vinegar also good on ripe pears, steel cut oatmeal w. chopped walnuts and dried cherries, blueberries, cranberries, or raisins.
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I have a friend who puts pepper on watermelon--haven't tried it myself, though.
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Salt on watermelon, tabasco on popcorn, cinnamon and sugar on oranges.
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cinnamon in chili or black bean soup
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cinnamon on oranges. Also, junior mints melted into popcorn is a great movie treat.
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balsamic vinegar reduction on top of vanilla ice cream. Also, vodka on top of vanilla icecream. and salsa mixed with plain yogurt.
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chili powder on chocolate. Smoked salmon and yogurt. cumin on raisins.
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Almost forgot - caviar and brie on cocktail rye with a sliver of garlic and a sliver of cornichon.
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mint leaves on cantelope
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sesame oil in white or black bean soup, carrot soup ...also blends well w. cumin.
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Black and white bean salad w. colored mild peppers and lime and coriander in athe vinaigrette
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in mexico they eat mango with chili powder. also, another delicious treat is chocolate melted on a toasted baguette with sea salt.
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Pulverize honeydew chunks in blender; add some extra diced melon and fresh snipped mint leaves. Makes a wonderful and super-easy summer soup.
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nutmeg and chicken, bluberries and salmon
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yogurt and chicken soup. red chili powder and chocolate.
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blue cheese and fresh, raw honey
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cottage cheese, sliced almonnds, fruit and cinnamon. a great breakfast.
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My parents always put salt and pepper on cantalope--and so do I.
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Maple or cane syrup on breakfast sausages. which is actually a common combo in the south.
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chocolate covered gummy bears!
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fresh lychees and cream cheese!
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tequila on a veggie stir fry...if you put soy sauce and a shot of tequila on the veggies & tofu, the flavor is great!
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fresh basil leaves and watermelon in the summer is not only beautiful, but refreshing.
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I just was treated to a Mexican salt with a chocolate caramel. Quite lovely.
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feta cheese and watermelon. a sprinkle of salt on pineapple. a dash of balsamic vinegar in tomato sauce.
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After spending 7 months in chile, i learned that almost anything tastes great with mayo--especially artichokes. I also love a touch or orange juice in my pancake them a kick.
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lavender salt on mango.
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i always squeeze fresh lemon onto sauteed spinach...I thought this was common but I recently found out from friends that for most it is an unusual (and delicious) food combination. Fresh lemon is also yummy when squeezed into red lentil soup.
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Lemon on brussel sprouts makes sense, but spinach...interesting.
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Brie cheese, sliced Granny Smith apples and apple butter sandwich!
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i thought this was a common thing, but apparently not ----- my grandma LOVES peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (typical amount of peanut butter, and add 5 or 6 of those quarter-sized pickle slices - i think sweet or bread+butter are better than super sour ones!)
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also, peanut butter and banana sandwich, in the same fashion
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not uncommon here in hungary, but i thought i'd mention it -- sour cherries (aka pie cherries) and cinnamon. for example, as a smoothie (both in some kind of milk) or in cold fruit soup (made with sour cherries, water, sour cream, cinnamon, possibly sweetener and optional other ingredients)
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Also! Hummus and pretzel sticks! Who knew!

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how about crumbled, cooked bacon in pancake batter. heard of this on "frasier" and tried it. its great

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Kimchi and goat cheese omlette.

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I just had apricot-lavendar flavored balsamic vinegar and it is amazing.

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Little green grapes stirred up in a bit of sour cream, then put brown sugar on top.
If you substute yogurt, it doesn’t work.

Cinnamon added to blueberry pie. Also, mix some cooked-up blueberry
filling with some raw blueberries and throw the whole lot into a baked pie shell. Bursts of blueness. I got this from jeanman. Don’t eat this in bed.

A bowl of raisins and salted peanuts for snacking is better than either apart. This is also true of these 2 ingredients at the movies. Get BOTH Goobers and Raisinets and
have tiny fistfuls of both together. If they don’t have Goobers, use peanut M&M’s.

Cinnamon in plum jam when you make it.

Lemon/peel in apple pie and leave out the cinnamon.

Parsnips (peeled) and potatoes (cut but not peeled) roasted with kosher salt, olive oil and a lot of rosemary. You need all of these ingredients to make it perfect. Let a brown crust form on the bottom of the veg.

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Peanut butter and salsa sandwich on toasted wheat bread.

Doritos with cream cheese smeared on them. MMMMMMM

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Salt inside caramel. Now that is delicious.

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Capers are delicious in potato salad; boiled, unpeeled cubed new potatoes, raspberry vinaigrette, a few fresh or frozen raspberries and some capers. Sliced organic apples (w. skin on) sprinkled w. some cinnamon.

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how about crumbled, cooked bacon in pancake batter. heard of this on “frasier” and tried it. its great

I just watched that episode last night! I’ll have to try it.

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french fries and honey

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I’m a huge fan of a peanut butter and jelly-with dill pickles sandwich. My current variation is with jalepeno jelly and extra salty dills.

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Someone mentioned pancake batter with orange juice—my mother makes pancakes with sweet potatoes and orange juice. It’s actually kind of amazing.

Another great combo is Lavender liquour and ice cream.

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Fresh strawberries will enhance
a good cup of coffee. Give it a chance!

A cinnamon stick or two
is key to my beef stew.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss

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Lemon juice + Banana mashed in a bowl is divine. Oh and plain steamed asparagus dipped in mayo.

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Salami and a tiny bit of cream cheese. My friend made me try it – surprisingly tasty.

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French Fries in a Chocolate Shake.

just try it

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Peanut butter on popcorn!

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Extra sharp cheddar slices melted on apple pie is delish.

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Hot dogs and macaroni:) it’s actually good!! OHH and.. Hershey’s kisses/hugs melted into chocolate milk(or hot chocolate) very choclatey :)

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i have just discovered: cheddar cheese and pear. who knew?

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