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are there any other uses for a corkscrew besides opening a bottle of wine?

Asked by row4food (3039points) February 21st, 2008

since i carry my swiss army knife wherever i go and i have used it to open a bottle of wine several times when my regular corkscrew went MIA (or didnt join us on the picnic), i was wondering if those guys over at victorinox assume that most of their customers drink enough wine to include a corkscrew on most models of their knives.

is there another purpose for such a tool?

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I recently used a corkscrew to get a non-twist-off cap off a bottle of pellegrino.

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excellent device in case you find yourself in a duel without proper weapons.

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It might make for a decent anchor if you are scaling the wooden frame of an unfinished building.

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A swiss army knife with the corkscrew extended came in very handy for Allison DuBois from the TV show Medium when Happy Harry Hard** from Pump Up The Volume went to sell the coke to Balki from Perfect Strangers and Tony Soprano snuck in and tried to shove her thru a plate glass tub enclosure. She screwed his foot to the carpet and hit him in the head with a plaster bust. Now that’s True Romance.

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