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Where do you buy nice men's clothes, cheap?

Asked by mowens (8392points) December 8th, 2009

I am thinking business casual stuff. Things you would see at the Men’s Warehouse or something.

But I am a cheap-ass… I want a deal. I use… and it is ok, but I want more because I am greedy and ungrateful. :) What do you use?I surely do not want to buy from department stores, or at the mall.

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I like mark-downs, stuff which originally sold much higher,
as opposed to clothes that are cheap from the get-go.

Department store clearance can be good. I got a nice sportcoat from Macy’s for $50 (originally $300) a couple of years ago. I sometimes find quality shirts there for $10 .

I have also found great deals at:
Nordstrom Rack
TJ Maxx
Filene’s Basement
Goodwill/Salvation Army/Thrift Stores

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Goodwill. Also, if you can find a second hand store within ten miles or so of an affluent neighborhood, that’s a good bet. The thing about Goodwill is all of their stuff gets taken to one huge warehouse, and dispersed throughout the city from there. Smaller 2nd had stores just sell out exactly what they take in, so if you can find a DAV or a thrift store near a nice neighborhood, that would be good.

I’ve gotten some originally wildly expensive clothes for less than five bucks that way.

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I’m sorry, but just going in to a Goodwill store makes my skin crawl. The men’s clothes stink to high heaven. I know you said no mall @mowens but I like going to Eddie Bauer outlet stores. I have gotten huge deals on items you are describing.

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@MrBr00ks Does Eddie Bauer provide outlet pricing on line?

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hmm, I don’t know, great question.

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@MrBr00ks To me, going to a Goodwill store is like going on a treasure hunt! On the face of it, everything looks so….cheap, and crappy. You dig and you dig, and then you get something that finally catches your eye, and when you get it home, in decent surroundings, you find that you have something REALLY special! I’ve picked up Mucha prints, $100 (new) blazers, Italian leather sandles…you just have to look.

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Ahh, but you have never browsed in the men’s section, saw a nice shirt and stopped to try it on, only to almost vomit from the smell once you have. I swear to all that is holy unless it has a new price tag from the original store, if it is in the men’s section it will stink and have major sweat stains somewhere on it.

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search online, I’m sure there’s a “Cheap Nice, Men’s Clothes Store” out there with free shipping.

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@Val123 Agreed. I go into 2nd hand places, usually come out empty handed. But if you look often enough, treasures can be found. I have a cashmere sweater I think was $5. As a college kid my friends and I all had long wool dress coats, I’m sure we never paid more than $20.

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@MrBr00ks They do a pretty good job of screening out the junk clothes, plus they wash them before they bring them out. So, no. I’ve never experienced that. Granted, the clothes smell a bit stale, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with one washing at home.
@jaythkay You can’t turn around in a circle in my home without seeing something I got from the 2nd hand store! Furniture… name it.

(I once found some nice, black lounging pants for $1.99 that were actually long enough for me! They were the coolest, and they felt so good. I told my daughter that it would be neato jet if they were silk, but I was sure they were just polyester. At which point she checked…they were silk! And I could have kicked myself because I had just been tossing them in the washer, treating them like all my other clothes! So…now they aren’t SO pretty, but they’re still the most comfortable things I own!)

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well, they might for women’s clothes, but I have had nothing but bad experiences in the men’s department.

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@MrBr00ks I’m sorry! Guess it’s kinda like the difference between the men’s bathroom and the women’s!

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lol, maybe. lol No apologies or sorries needed. It is just downright disgusting for me.

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May I ask….was it one particular store? Was it a Goodwill, or was it just some little, hole in the wall thrift store? It does sound really gross!!

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nope, all second hand stores men sections have done that for me. And it is not just in one city either!

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@MrBr00ks Crazy! I’m so sorry

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Can’t go wrong with Nordstrom’s Rack or Last Chance (where Nordstrom’s Rack stuff goes after). If you get measured for dress shirts and memorize your numbers then you can get great deals on those.

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Go to Charlotte’s Room .. It’s better than plato’s closet you can get Abercrombie and Fitch really cheap, sometimes as little as $2

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Hey Guys, I just pulled this up and wanted to chime in. I’m a Goodwill shopper. I know that atmosphere is not the best, and the clothes do stink at times, but I just did an exercise this morning trying to figure out the savings I have accumulated over the past few months by shopping at Goodwill. I buy only the NICE, EXPENSIVE, BRAND-NAME items. I also shop on Ebay some, but not so much. Over the past few months, I have bought $1,383 worth of clothes and shoes for . . . (drum roll) . . . $82.50. No kidding!! I researched the prices of the items and came as close as I could. You have to be very patient and think of it as a treasure hunt!! You also have to have a little humility to rub shoulders with the local homeless guy also buying his clothes there!!! Hope this helps!!

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@mhall0522 I hear ya!! I want to take pictures of some of the top quality clothes I’ve bought at Goodwill for just a couple of dollars. The only things I buy new are underwear and tennis shoes. Everything else comes from GW.

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@charlenewang Now, what in the world could you have possibly said about Good Will that got yourself moderated!!??

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