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Transferring DATS to PC via Optical Out and maintaining 48K sampling. what program allows me to do this?

Asked by rkohlbeck (16points) December 8th, 2009

Digital Audio tape Sony PCM-R300 optical out. Looking to transfer DATS that are recorded at 48k directly to my pc’s optical In and keep the transfer rate at 48k. Will the Sony Sound Forge allow me to do this program. Or what Program will allow me to transfer the cues and music on the DATS directly to my pc.

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Your sound card needs to have the sync set to “Optical” or “External” so that the word clock syncs to the DAT; the DAT is the master, and the sound card is the slave. Otherwise, both decks will sync to their own internal clocks, and not sync to each other.

You would need to go into Sound Forge’s audio settings, and find the panel that interfaces with the sound card, and with the sample rate, bit depth and other settings, you should see a setting called “Sync” or “Sync Mode;” the default is “Internal” so you would need to set it to “Optical” or “External” and also make sure the sample rate (48KHz) and bit depth (16-bit) are set as well…DATs are native 16-bit recorders, whereas newer digital formats (i.e. Digital Video) is 24-bit.

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