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What should I get for my mom?

Asked by Sweetie26 (371points) December 8th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m not sure what to get my mom for Christmas. She has everything she wants. Any suggestions?

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A Flip Camera. Every mom would love one!

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Can you cook? Make her dinner. She’d appreciate the hell outta that.

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There’s always a service. Massage, pedicure, facial, etc. She’ll enjoy it but it won’t add to the clutter!

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Not sure of your age or that of your mom, but my mother died when I was in my 20’s and I wish we had some family photographs from my late teens or early 20’s or even just a well-done photographic portrait of her to show my children whom she never saw. Frankly we have a few photos from after she got sick but nothing that would show her before the illness hit her.

I got my father to take some studio photographs of himself, with me and my wife and our three children a little more than a year before he died. Nice for the kids to have, a good photo of their grandfather while he was still doing well.

Try that family photo. Or even just a good professional photograph of you and your siblings or your spouse..


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What about a letter about how much you appreciate her for being your mother?

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2 words, Deuce. Biggalow.

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@Marina Great suggestion! An additional idea would be to incorporate the letter into a scrapbook and add photographs of the two of you.

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It depends on what she likes. You could get her the book “The 5 Love Languages” and maybe next year you would know her love language and you would have a better idea of what type of gift she would like.
If you know her language,
Affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time or physical touch you can create a gift that she will personally relate to. Giving someone a trinket when their love language is “words of Affirmation” will not go over well. Writing a thoughtful letter to someone whose love language is “acts of Service” would not be nearly as appreciated as gift certificates to do the dishes every night for a week.
The perfect gift depends on who your mom is.

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Does she enjoy music in the house? How about an account with itunes or a streaming music site like or pandora?

Does she enjoy movies? Netflix lets you watch unlimited movies online with a minimum paid acct. and you can hook a computer to a TV and enjoy the movies on larger screen with better sound.

Does she have any interest in a Wii? Those are soooooooooo much fun and come with all kinds of games and exercises.

Does she like yard projects or home remodeling? Home Depot has accts. you can set up for people.

Many museums offer special privileges/events for members if she’s into that.

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Not sure how old you are, but one common complaint I hear from my friends who are mothers of late teens-early 20’s daughters is not getting to spend enough uninterrupted time with their daughters, where their daughters aren’t criticizing them, what they have on, what they order in the restaurant, etc. Some time without your cell phone going off, being interrupted or criticized is nice.

Photos and/or a letter are the two best gifts I ever received from my daughters. Third was getting to tell people what a wonderful time I had going to brunch with my daughter, then walking around an art museum, just the two of us. We got to talk about all the exhibits and what we liked, then looked at all the things in the gift shop. It was a lovely day.

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If I were you, I’d be doing whatever she wants. Every year I give her a mimic of a business certificate. Like, “12 hours of physical labor,” or something like a simple day together. I’m a guy, and if my mom had a time with her family and 5 men QUIETLY she’d love it. Not sure about your family though.

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Thank u all for your responses I like all of them omg at least I have great ideas from years to come. Oh and I’m 26. P.S srmorgan I’m sorry about your mom.

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Get her a Kindle or the B&N Nook! Every mom loves to read!

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Anything that is made by hand is always appreciated. My mother’s favorite gift was an afghan I made her in third grade. It is shaped like an H and easily unravels, but the fact that you take time out of your schedule to create or build something makes it that much better.
Or get her the first season of The Simpsons and a bottle of vodka.

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I’m getting a discounted Omaha Steaks package for my father and step-mother and my in-laws.

I like @Marina‘s idea of a letter.

How does she best receive love? Gifts? Acts of Service? Quality Time? Think of what she most appreciates and do something in that category. Coupons for acts of service or quality time are nice.

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