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What is the most disappointing concert you have ever attended?

Asked by birdland33 (1567points) December 12th, 2009

Sometimes a performance is just bad, and other times it is not up to one’s expectations. For example, the most disappointed I have ever been is when I saw Robert Plant in 1987. He headlined and played a 55 minute set. However, I was introduced to Stevie Ray Vaughn who opened for Plant, and blew him away.

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I went to see Meat Puppets ~1992 when I was at uni. Cris Kirkwood (bassist) was so drunk and/or high that staying upright appeared to be a challenge, and his playing was off. Curt was livid and it came across during the performance. Needless to say, there were several awkward pauses and the audience just sort of looked at each other like, “Damn, yo, Cris is f’ed up!” But no one left, which I think was for Curt’s sake.

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One of Eminem’s ones. Maybe his second album. It was the last night, so I expected something special. However, it was going out live on Radio 1 and the Radio DJ was there interveiwing Eminem back stage after what seemed like every track. A lot of waiting around, and nothing to entertain us in between.

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I went to a festival this summer and Blink 182 was there. They were surprisingly bad. They were last (came on after Weezer, who totally rocked) and people started leaving after about their 2nd song. You could visibly notice the crowd depressing compared to Weezer’s kick assery.

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Paul Simon and Bob Dylan – should have been great, no? Dylan warbled tunelessly; you could not even recognize what song he was singing. And Simon’s set was so overproduced it was very plastic and unappealing. A big disappointment!

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The Police back in the 1980’s. I was bored out of my skill.

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Not really a concert, But I had high hopes for the Cirque Du Soleil show Love in Vegas. It was a total disappointment. Maybe if I had never seen another Cirque du Soleil my expectations wouldn’t have been so high. Unless you’re a big fan of interpretive dance I would skip this one.

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Whitney Houston, late 1980s, Toronto. Although her voice is beautiful, the songs were lacking in their original passion; her performance mechanical and she didn’t connect with her fans/audience.

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@ubersiren I feel like I went to the same festival..and was confused as to why Weezer would open for anyone!

I was extremely disappointed in a Bob Dylan concert I attended. The best part was people watching.

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@casheroo In the one I was at, Ididn’t feel he was making an effort at all.

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@janbb Was yours at a huge venue? Mine was at a giant stadium, and he sat on a chair and played. That’s all I expect from him, but I wish it had been more intimate. And yeah, I could barely recognize what he was singing! I saw Lou Reed in a small theater, and it was amazing.

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A fairly large arts center. yes.

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Black Crowes.

With Chris Robinson, there was no interaction with the audience. They mostly played their new stuff, which I find is lacking. And, there were these long, freakin’ guitar solos and most people got off their arse at that point and went and got a beer.

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motley crue, when i was 15 years old. i noticed vince neil and nikki sixx were screamming profanities at each other yet the vocals were still going, then tommy lee was spinning around like a fool on his drums over us, my friend and i left really early…

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Haha. My middle school Christmas concert! It was really bad!

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The worst concert I went to was Jethro Tull. I walked out after 30 minutes.
But I never cared much for Tull, so maybe that isn’t a good choice for this answer.

I went to see the Kinks in Oakland, and hated it, but it was really because of the seats and accoustics, not the band.

I saw the Rolling Stones at a day on the green in 1978. They showed up 6 hours late, and I still have the scars from the sunburn I got waiting for them.
But they were good when they finally played.

I guess it would be John Denver. I had seen him the year before, and he had a cold, and apologized to the audience for his voice. So, here I was again, a year later, and he came out and apologized to the audience for his voice, because he had a cold!
How about taking care of yourself, so you can sing without your voice cracking???!!!???

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Well, I attended several concerts against my will, so those might be the worst. It’s impossible to enjoy a concert when you don’t appreciate the music style to begin with.

However, two disappointments come to mind:
1. Ozzfest 2007. I arrived just in time for Nile. Loved Nile. They’re great anyway. Then, I made my way up the hill, found a nice place in the shade, and slept until Ozzy. I woke up periodically just long enough to realize I wasn’t missing anything.

2. Clutch feat. Wino. I loved Clutch’s albums. My hubby was always telling me “Just wait ‘till you see these guys live. They’re everywhere. blah blah blah blah…
They sucked. Royally. They didn’t move the whole time, and they didn’t even play “A Shogun Named Marcus.” Seriously?

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@filmfann I am bummed to hear that about The Kinks. I have seen them four times and they are by far the best band I have ever seen in concert.

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