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What would a Thievery Corporation concert be like?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) January 21st, 2009

I love their music, I’m just not sure how it would be….details people! :)

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1) Drugs
2) glowsticks
3) special effects
4) people selling shares of Thievery Corporation – but beware, because they’re sure to devalue in today’s volatile markets.
5) you may even see a lebanese blonde. lebanese

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two guys and 2 laptops? I dunno.

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@ epony haha my thoughts exactly

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anyone who has been?

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... maybe some day

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I realize this is a late response, but just wanted to point out that TC has a GREAT live act and their concerts usually sell out, especially in their hometown (DC). They play with a live band and play for a longgg time – everyone dances. It’s a groovy time. It certainly is not “two guys with laptops” and their are no drugs are glowsticks. If you had the opportunity to go I hope you did.

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