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What was the most recent concert performance you attended & was it value for money?

Asked by ucme (50034points) October 3rd, 2010

Yeah, pretty much says it all really. You go right ahead you hear? I’m all ears!

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Hell yes!! It was the last night of the Proms in the Park, that’s Hyde Park, London… Oh my life, was it worth it! Terry Wogan, Neil Sedaka, the two original singers from West Side Story – that’s Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (?) and the chap from the three tenors – Oh, and BRIAN MAY!!!!!

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Twelve bucks got me into a old dive bar turned into a bar/indie music venue. I was able to worm my way to the very front during the opening act. The next band up was my favorite one active today, and if I had leaned forward far enough and reached out, I could have touched their guitarist. And I talked to him and the drummer both before and after the show too. Was that good value for money? Hell yeah. And they had craft brew on tap too.

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Omg, the last concert I attended was motherfucking Jimmy Buffett years ago. It was okay. It just made me want a margarita.

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Absolutely! I attended Roger Waters’ “The Wall Live” Concert last week this time, and it was mind-blowing! Not only was Roger Waters great at performing, during the concert a huge Wall was built on stage while a bunch of pictures and images were projected onto it!

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the hardly strictly bluegrass festival yesterday at golden gate park… and it was free so yeaaah! but i’m seeing circa survive (oh, anthony green, you’re so dreamy) in november and it will certainly be worth the money!!!!

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I attended Michael Buble and it was well worth the money I spent for it. It was amazing. :P

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Does a street performer/busker count? If so, it was in January in Rome. And yes, the coins tossed in his case was worth it.

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The last band I saw was Deadbolt a few weeks ago down at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach. (A fine San Diego drinking band: The Beach Boys meet Motorhead.)

Free admission (but we spent a load at the bar.) You can’t argue with free admission.

They’ll be playing back in LA in a month. I’ll be there.


There was another Eagle Rock music festival last night (Los Angeles area) but I didn’t get a chance to go (@*#&$#). They close down Colorado Blvd. for a mile and have 11 stages and 70 artists. Prior years have been spectacular!

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April 19th, 2006. It was my first (& latest) concert. A friend & I went to see Wilco. Without having previous concert experiences to base this one off of… I, with absolute certainty – can say that this. was. the. greatest. concert. ever!

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My bf and I saw Depeche Mode last year, me for the first time ever and it was worth the cost of the tickets he bought.

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@Neizvestnaya Yeah been there done that. D.M rock the place!!

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@Vunessuh -Hey! The last concert I saw was with you this past summer! V & I went to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and did drink Margaritas! XD
my memory is shot

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I saw Grizzly Bear on Governors Island, and yes, it was; mainly becuase I didn’t have to pay for it, it was a belated birthday present.

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I went to a Dave Brubeck concert last summer and I was very surprised to enjoy it as much as I did.

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@YARNLADY – WOW! He’s awesome. I’ll bet you enjoyed it!

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@lucillelucillelucille Omg, I forgot! And we mooned all of the security cameras on the premise. Duh. We drank too much. XD

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@Vunessuh -Yes,skirts are great..XD

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1958, Nashville, Tn. rock and roll concert starring Churck Berry, The Shirelles, and Bo Diddley. Admission price was 50 cents and well worth it.

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This was probably last year some time (it’s the only concert i’ve been to because i hate the crowds and noise and screaming, but the one i went to was at a small venue so much more controlled), i went to a Watershed concert (a South African band) and it was well worth it, i like their music.

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Cher in Las Vegas. One of the best concerts I have ever been to and I would have paid far more than they were charging to see her! That was two weeks ago today.

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