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What is the most memorable concert you've been to?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) January 25th, 2009

..and why was it so memorable?

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String Cheese Incident in the Hague, Nerherlands. We were in a small club with only a couple hundred fans, every single one of whom was having the time of their life, band included.

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OASIS at the Heiniken centre Amsterdam,22 and 23 Jan this year.

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Kiss’ flobbety-gillionth farewell tour in rhode island… and I’m not really a Kiss fan.. it was just memorable.

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Incubus Succubus in Kristiansand, Norway….. The fact that I got to party with the band later was also nice :)

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Jason Mraz in a massage school with 40 other guests.

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Fleetwood Mac! The music was great, the seats were right up front, and I’ll never forget ooing and awing over how many times Stevie Nicks changed outfits!

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Grateful Dead at Armadillo World Headquarters. Whoa.

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The Dead, The Band, and Grace Slick at the Filmore.

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Stevie Rays Vaughan’s last concert. Memorable indeed. Clapton headlined. Robert Cray band played. Jimmy Vaughan came on to play on the encore with all of them. And, then Stevie’s copter crashed.

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lurve to Naturalmineral water for this: flobbety-gillionth

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The first time I saw Andrew Bird. I’d heard a few of his songs, but I didn’t know how he played them. Seeing him live-loop all of his instruments (in a non-wonky, non-stoner-jammy way) and then play over them was freaking awesome.

The back story would be that me and a friend were going to go to see AB play at the Wexner in Columbus. On the same day, two of my friends were going to see freaking Matisyahu, in a venue that is almost across the street from where I was going. Maybe an hour before I get ready to walk out the door, my friend backs out. So now I ain’t got nothing to do. My other friends call, and I (very, very) reluctantly agree to see freaking Matisyahu, mainly just for something to do.

So we drive up there, and on the front of the venue is a sign that says Matis was sick and the concert was cancelled. So now I’m like “well good news, I’ve got a ticket to Andrew Bird!” So we go see him. And now both of my friends are super reluctant to go to this concert – sorry it he’s not a hasidic ska-ish reggae rapper.

Needless to say, all parties involved were blown away. I’ve been to a ton of concerts and the only reason I pick this as my favorite is because I literally had no idea what to expect. And because I love live-looping. This was right after Eggs came out, so he wasn’t really popular. I’ve since seen him several times and nothing touches that perfermance (well maybe his solo gig at Stuart’s Opera House). Awesome.

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Any Pearl Jam show

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Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Floetry. My absolute favorites. All in one place, one night – Chastain ampitheater, Atlanta, Ga. Priceless.

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R.E.M. Green Tour, February 1989 at what was the Rosemont Horizon outside Chicago. Friend of a friend’s dad was the venue’s manager, so we got front row seats and met the band afterward. It’s one of the few autographs from performers I’ve gotten and kept. I also have one of Peter Buck’s guitar picks. BTW, Bill Berry? Most underrated rock drummer ever.

One of the things from being backstage I remember most was the reaction to certain women by Mrs. Buck and Mrs. Berry, who looked like supermodels. The girls they were giving the stinkeye to were nowhere near as good-looking, and in my immature judgment at the time, were, well, skanky (They weren’t worried about me, I looked like an angelic child by comparison). I had no clue as to why these glamazon wives would feel threatened. Now I’m older and I know why, but still. the other thing I remember was how tired Stipe looked. So all said to him was “Thanks! It was a great show!” And he smiled.

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I second Sueanne: Lurve for “flobbity-gillionth” Maybe I’m punchy, but I can’t stop laughing.

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The first Lollapalooza in 1991. It was in Chicago, absolutely amazing!

Jane’s Addiction is my favorite band of all time

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S&M when I was 6 rows away and James Hetfield “returned the bird” so to speak… nobody who’s not been to a Metallica concert understands that the middle finger isn’t bad with them.

And the first Tom Petty I went to was pretty amazing.

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Radiohead last July at Liberty State Park. Amazing show!

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Butthole Surfers on the Locust Abortion Technician tour in 1987.

Most crazy, visual show I have ever seen. Gory movies playing over the band, naked pregnant woman dancing with a giant stuffed bear, psychedelic lights and the first time I had seen crowd surfing. The music was so incredible too, and fit the visuals.

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Patti Smith, 2007, Seattle, Downtown Showbox. It was a part of my birthday gift that year. My husband took me. We met some really nice folks. I’d had several of her albums before, but I didn’t know that Twelve had just come out. I love love love that she did her cover of Gimme Shelter. It’s one of the few covers (ever made) that’s even better than the original. The band is so great together. It’s like they did a show that was not a string of songs but one continuous performance. And the whole room had a feel of all moving together the whole night. Her voice is so powerful it just haunts me and gives me chills. The guitarist made me cry. When we came out of that show I was wishing my kids had been there because I was thinking ”...and that kiddies is how it’s done.”

A close second would be Pearl Jam, San Diego, 2006 and then Pearl Jam, the Gorge, 2005. Wonderful wonderful shows for different reasons. A Pearl Jam concert is like a celebration of living.

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The first Lollapalooza at, what was then, Irvine Meadows.
Dave Matthews Band at Berkeley last year, all 3 nights.
Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas show. It made me appreciate Christmas music in a way that nothing else ever has.

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Butthole Surfers, with The Toadies and The Reverend Horton Heat. $3.50 32oz beers and jonsblond up on my shoulders.

lurve to my friend Kenny who kept me from dropping jonsblond

@jonsblond…‘palooza was pretty kick ass but running out of gas on the way out sucked.

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its extremely tough for me to choose just one, but it would probably be The Arcade Fire at the VonBraun Center in Huntsville about 2 years ago. So much energy!!

close 2nd would be String Cheese at last years Thanksgiving run in ATL, they played the entire BLACK CLOUDS album

close 3rd would be Roger Waters in Inidanapolis for the DSOM tour last year (the closest i ever made it to Pink Floyd)

tied for 4th would be Radiohead at Bonnaroo and TOOL the year after at BMF

@steelmarket im so jealous… i never got to see the Dead with Jerry :(

@statelypenguin what do you think about the new AB album?

@basp was that 80s version or the original BAND with Danko, Robertson, and Levon?

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I went to the 9/11 Concert in DC. That was memorable, because it was a part of history but more so because I got to see a ton of bands I wouldn’t have normally. Aerosmith, P. Diddy (who I never liked and could have cared less about but proved he was an amazing performer), Carole King, just a load of different bands. About midway through the like twelve hour show I made it down to the floor and ended up watching it from right next to the stage.

My first concert, Little Anthony and the Imperials and the Four Tops. Rockin’ it old school.

And my all time favorite
David Bowie, fourth row center.

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@Blondesjon The running out of gas was part of the reason why it was so memorable (that was the question, right?). Not to mention NIN and Ice T.

Lollapalooza 1993 was awesome too. In Chicago, with
Primus, Alice in Chains, Fishbone, Arrested Development, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Front 242, need I say more?

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Justice. Holy shit! By far the greatest show ive ever seen, truly emazing. (wasnt at that exact show, but it was pretty much the same.)


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Radiohead-Hollywood Bowl las summer-the lights! The band, all memorable (YouTube them if you’ve never seen that awesome LED light show)...

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Oasis. That must have been…yeah I don’t even have words for what it’d be like to see them in concert.
Kiss, haha.. I wouldn’t pay to see Kiss but I would see them.
Incubus..more jealousy there.
Jason Mraz, I’ve just recently got into him. His one song Details in the Fabric..would absolutely die to see him perform that, haha.
Fleetwood Mac, haha that had to be a good time and aw Stevie Nicks is amazing.
Grateful Dead, well I’m sure you know how lucky you were for that concert, whoa is right haha!
Andrew Bird, I’ve never heard of but because of your story I really want to give him a listen. It’s funny how things work out like that day did for you, huh? Haha.
Pearl Jam… everyone disses on me for enjoying Pearl Jam but hot damn I bet they do put on a good show! Lucky, lucky.
Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Floetry. Floetry, I don’t know. But Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.. I probably would have cried haha, that is an awesome show.
R.E.M, that’s awesome that you got front row seats! And yeah, I can see why band wifeys get like that BUT it’s in their job description to know how to handle the attention their significant others get appropriately! Seeing them perfom had to be something special.
Ahh Lollapalooza! To not have only been a toddler then, I would have loved that experience. That’s awesome, and yes Jane’s Addiction is delish. An acquired taste for me but still!
Tom Petty!!!A show I’ve been trying to go to but haven’t had the funds to do for SO LONG. You lucky, lucky youuu!
Radiohead… was it before or after the album release? Either way. Fuck, I am terribly jealous of you for that! Haha I probably would have cried.
That Patti Smith concert sounds like it was magical, when a performance or a singer’s voice can just pierce you like that. Ugh, nothing describes it best. Awesome. :).
Dave Matthew’s Band…is one I must say I don’t really enjoy the music, have tried to get into it but just doesn’t tickle my earbuds unfortunately but still lucky for what you have seen. :).
Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas show, AH. Really??? Another one I’m super jealous of. Nothing like Christmas music performed well, especially to get you INTO Christmas.
Bonnaroo, I’ve been dying to go but alas another thing I haven’t gotten the funds up to do. That’s awesome though. And Arcade Fire gjdfkjewq43!!
9/11 Concert AND David Bowie? Uhh I don’t even know what to say. Holy.

I can’t comment on all, but tried. As far as I can see it puts a smile on my face knowing we’re an eclectic little group of flutherers when it comes to music and the shows we’ve seen. All sound amazing, especially those of you who’ve been to Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo..what I wouldn’t do! Awesome responses nonetheless from everyone. :).

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I want to second the “Andrew Bird’s live looping will blow you away” sentiment. I saw him playing alone, and if I’d only heard it and not seen it live I would have thought that was a stage full of people making those sounds. If you get the chance go see this guy perform live.

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At least 5 years ago, 3 Doors Down in Evansville, IN. Also I think either Linkin Park or Shinedown was in the same concert, don’t recall. It had been my first concert.

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