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How many people do you think have joined fluther in the last 2 days?

Asked by Strength (79points) December 12th, 2009


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Haha alot
Most of AB

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sideways 8
BTW, I am not from AB

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I would say perhaps 200

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A good few. I myself have just joined today from AB.

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[mod says] In the last 25 hours, Fluther has gained 175 new members. We welcome you all!

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Too many ~

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Well, I have over 100 friends on my friends list today. They came between yesterday and today. So over 100 AT LEAST and that is just AB users! YAY!

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Probably alot!

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yes sorry to barge in like that lol:)

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i just came over from A. B a few hours ago

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For myself and many former ABers, thank you for the warm welcome. It must have been one huge mess for the site administrators! And we appreciate it more than you know. Many of us are still feeling a bit shell-shocked and being able to gather in a welcoming and fun place has been healing. Finding Fluther has been a really good thing for us. I hope we don’t upset your normal operations for too long. I think we will acclimate swiftly.

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@Jewel I know exactly how you’re feeling. It’s like a very special friend died…....I, for one, was glad Fluther was here to pick us (Wisdm) up….Welcome!

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@augustlan – Thanks for the info!

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I think most of Ab will join this site and i just arrived.

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I have the same Avatar as it was on AB so when my friends arrive from Ab they will be able to spot me and include in thier friends list.

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Wow, there really has been a massive influx of members. And to think, 48hours ago I had never even heard of Answer Baggers.

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i haven’t seen a mass exodus like this since the mariel boatlift here in 1980.XD

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Wrote first answer. Awarded to 11737 users.

It was 11559 before the migration.

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Thanks for the wonderful comments.

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@johnpowell – Now that was some handy work!

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Fluther has been AWESOME in the way they have handled this!! I have never had such a warm welcome! Sorry if it caused extra work…but not sorry to have met the wonderful people here!! I found a new home!! =)))))))

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Has anyone seen the show or miniseries V?

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i joined from answerbag because they fucked up the site

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the best of ab ;-)

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Apparently, more or less approximately 200?

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Hello everyone, another former AB, I to keep my same avatar, its nice to see so many of the same faces and Thank you every one for letting us drop in all at once like this. and I would say aboout 200–300 should have joined.

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Welcome one and all new jellies. Now swim along and ask some brilliant questions.

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Have received so many awards today, my first day, i am truly humbled by the experience.
Thanks for a warm welcome Fluther

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837243 people :P

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About 80–100 I’d say. Including me from Answerbag.

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I have no idea. I just arrived today….from Answerbag.

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I’m not sure of the exact number, but I do know that a LOT of ex-ABers are here now… Sorry about that Fluther users! Hopefully we’ll acclimatize quickly and won’t be messing things up for too much longer. Thanks for being so understanding.

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@randomness :: No problem. New blood is always refreshing.

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Yes before the Xmas all AB users will on this site.

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@alquest yeah i cant believe AB
Fluther is wayyy better anywayz!

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A lot, especially from AB, myself being one of them.

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yeah im gunna miss. it but i guess ima gunna get addicted to fluther now. lol =)

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I’ll add myself to the list of people who just came over from AB. I’m not giving up on them yet, but they’re going to have to work to get my trust back.

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I’m getting a headache. Need some tea. Welcome again, jellies – you are all welcome here. Be patient. It’ll all be alright in the end.

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I joined in the past couple of days, but I’m not from AB :/

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A shitload. Probably half of Answerbag, including me. This site is way better than AB.

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actually , we left the “shit” load there… or the loads of shit anyway ;-)

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@augustlan, what is the count so far? It seems to be growing steadily!

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I’ve been on here a couple days now and I really like it. Alot of the best people from AB have come over here and Fluther has made an effort to make us feel welcome. I hope that the existing members get to know and like the former AB members as much as I do.

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