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Has the darkness ever played tricks on your eyes, causing you to see something that really wasn't what it actually was?

Asked by Shatzee (750points) December 12th, 2009

Like, for example, stopping to let a pine cone cross the road because you thought it was a hedgehog?

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Some years back, I woke from a nightmare and sat straight up in my bed…yeah I thought that just happened in movies but eh…it was dark, and I look at my dresser, with clothes piled on top of it everywhere, and for a minute there that’s not what I saw.
Rather I saw the Grimreaper pointing at me with a skeletal hand, while a pendulum was gently swaying back and forth in his other hand.

It was actually pretty awesome.


Yes Shatzee! There have been times when I’ve walked into a room in the house without opening the lights, and in the darkness I thought I saw a solid figure or object, but upon looking further I could see nothing there. Even weirder is sometimes when I’m home by myself, I hear “someone” walking upstairs (if I’m downstairs), or “feel” the pressure of “footsteps” on our hardwood floors upstairs. It’s just nails contracting from the cold or the humidity, or the wooden floors themselves (hopefully! Lol)

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Sure has scary noises outside one night made me imagine there was a ghost like black fog infront of me floating along our drive, when it seemed to turn and come toward me I squealed and ran back inside. I couldnt the light on quick enough, as soon as the light come on of course there was nothing there. Very frighting tho

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yea .... i thought AB was a great site once ,,,,, till someone turned the light on :-0

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Yes, alot, and still does. I have a Ghost of a Confederate Shouldier my daughter and i conjured up accidenty that lives in my closet, a housemouse named nibbles, and a hairless little creature that irritates me in my sleep. ;+

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@The_Anonymous_Witch lmao I think that happened to me too

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I haven’t see anythng in the dark but when it has been darker in the plce or low light have seen some odd suf happen that I can’t explain.

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Sometimes when I am driving reallllyy late in the night (like 3 am), I’ll be thinking of that urban legend where you see a lady dressed in all white on the road, except she’s a ghost and she’s going to kill you! And right after that, I’ll see a pole and think that’s a person who is about to jump onto my car and I might freak out a tad. I am not crazy, I promise.

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@Chooky i think that light burned out now .. lol ;-)

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Oh yeah, I have been driving and mistaken leaves skittering across the road as frogs.

I’ve also mistaken bushes for zombies.
And I thought a raccoon was the Jersey Devil once and very nearly shot it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard —You’re a dangerous man. :) —

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What can I say, @Symbeline, I like to live on the edge ;-)

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- – hi fiddle- -

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I sometimes stare around my room at night when I can’t sleep and try to make things out.
And then there’s times when I just hallucinate, regardless of the lighting. I thought a cup was a severed arm once. And there was this one time I thought my dog was my backpack and I tried to swing her over my shoulder.

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Yes…Too many times…Great Question +

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Generally not, but there was one time where I was driving along a rural highway at 3AM in a white-out after five days on a combined 12 hours sleep.

I thought I saw the blinking lights of a snowplow about two car-lengths ahead of us and slowed down (even more) for about 5 miles before I passed a streetlight and realized I was hallucinating.

Made it to our destination safely though.

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I love horror and supernatural books and shows but then it gets dark! I was laying in bed looking at the hall wall and there appeared to be a square hole in the wall. It took a lot of talking to make myself get out of bed to check. Turns out to be a picture from an old calender that had hung there for years!

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@Talimze Why are you always so damn awesome.

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Oh yea. I thought a big black long robed ghost was looking at me and hanging on the back of my door.

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yes, this can be scary shit!

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I am so nearly blind already, even in the light, I’m used to not really seeing anything. At night, there is less to see, but no, my eyes don’t get fooled.

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If I forget to close the bathroom door, I see my robe hanging there and think it’s a person. I wake up or turn over and suddenly there’s a person coming out of the bathroom. A tall and scary person. I sometimes shake my husband before I realize that it’s my robe hanging on a hook on the door.

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@Carbonproduct ive been called worse than hairless little creature lol

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