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How come my sound quits on my computer?

Asked by boots74 (66points) February 25th, 2008

After my computer has been turned on and in use for an hour or so, the sound quits. There is an warning bulb that pops up. It says: USB Controller Bandwith Exceeded-click here to learn more.
When I click on it, a screen comes up and say to change bandwith click refresh button below. I click the refresh button below, and nothing changes. To be able to get my sound working again, I have to reboot my computer. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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do you have USB speakers or a USB mic plugged in? Are you by chance using an unpowered USB hub?

Try using less USB devices to see if that fixes it. If so, maybe get a better and powered USB hub. Of course, this is hard to diagnose over the net. :)

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I am not sure about where the speakers are plugged, I have a desk with a large speaker built into it. My oldest son hooked it up for me. But he has moved out of state. It was doing this before he left. I don’t think he knew awhole lot about it either, cause he seemed to have the attirude—if it is working somewhat, don’t touch it. LOL Is there a diagram some where or something I could look at to see exactly where it should be. I am not savy on all the puter parts and places. Thank for your help.

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