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health/dental insurance for the poor?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I recently graduated and got a job. At a new company that does not offer health or dental benefits. Does anyone know a cheap way to get some I make about 21k a year right now but with my apt and student loans I dont have much to spare. Thank you.

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Talk to a broker or call health insurance companies and ask about individual plans. These are usually designed for people in your demographic and can run pretty reasonable in terms of monthly premiums.

Also, if you have a non-profit health care system in your area, generally, you can get a discount on services if you don’t have health insurance and have to pay out of pocket. Ask about a “self pay discount” or about their charity care/financial assistance policies.

Finally, your state may have coverage options that function as sort of a bridge for those who don’t qualify for Medicaid. In NM at least, it’s designed to help the “working poor” obtain coverage and goes by the name State Coverage Initiative. Look up your state’s Department of Health online or call.

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thanks I am out on my own with little help from my mom I went to school and graduated with an associates degree so I am trying my best to get my life where I want it. I appreciate your help.

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Hi, where do you live? there are different resources in different cities…let us know and there may be someone who can help you based on what city you live in.

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I live in Allentown pa

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Wel if you wait long enough Hillary Clinton, or one of the other idiots that is running for president, will help you. They will force you to get it and pay for it. AT this stage, I would not work for a company that doesn’t have the insurance and the reason they don’t is because they probably hire too many illegal alians. Not a good company to work for. Most do have an insurance plan, maybe not there own, but have one available to the employee, even if that person has to pay fore it. Otherwise contact AARP or the better Business buearu for info, .

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its anew company and they will be offering it soon but I’ll have to pay, it will be very minimal. I agree most company do have it and they should I am not sure how long I will be staying with them but for now I need the money but as I said I know where in life I want to be I just have to work a little harder to get there I think. My mom is no help blah

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I’d recommend calling the people at I’ve used them a number of times and they’ve been really helpful. It’s also a free service (they get paid by the insurance co’s when you sign up), and I found the advice to be unbiased, even between different companies. That’s where I got my insurance, it all worked out great.

It’s definitely worth getting some insurance, even if it’s just catastrophic, as this will prevent you from going into debt if something does happen. You should be able to get something decent for less than $100 a month. My experience is all in California though, so I can’t really tell you much about specifics in PA.

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