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How meticulous are YOU with your Christmas tree?

Asked by Millenium_TheMysteriousM (371points) December 14th, 2009

My dad put an incredible amount of time and effort into decorating the family Christmas tree when I was growing up. Only when we reached 11yrs. old were we even allowed to put “tinsel” on it! As a parent myself, I found I grew-up to be just as meticulous about my own family Christmas tree. It would take HOURS to decorate it. If you buy LIVE Christmas trees, how long does it take YOU to decorate it?

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My girlfriend and I picked up a live Christmas tree on Saturday. On, the smell. :) and, we spent a good hour decorating it. We had some old Motown playing (maybe, not apropos, but, oh, well :)) and enjoyed a few Capt. Morgan’s with the nog whislt doing it.

I’m pretty picky on filling the tree in just right (as far as the ornaments go). I don’t get into the tinsel because it’s too damn messy and we have kittehs (who will probably try to consume said tinsel). I prefer the large, vintage, Christmas bulbs as opposed to the newer twinkly lights.

So, yeah, probably around an hour to decorate. It’s all good fun.

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It took me over an hour too decorate mine.

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I usually just hang some of those long, sparkly ropes and dangle a few bells..
heck with the ligh bulbs…

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I don’t have a tree. I might pick up a small live tree soon. I like Charlie Brown christmas trees. There’s something ironic about a tiny tree.

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Extremely! I have a worn out 40 yr old hand me down fakey tree that I need all the ornaments I can muster just to hide the fact my tree is essentially a green coat hanger.

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I don’t buy live trees as i am allergic to the needles, but i have a very realistic inc cones fake tree and it can take me hours to get it set up, i have to have all the branches just so , and then the lights and no two baubles can be near one another ect.
But this year for the first time ever (due to health) i let my daughter do most of the work
and you know what i like it ,its not as primpy perfect as i would do it but it is perfect! its been decorated with love.

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I have a fake tree and I like it because I can put the branches where I want them. I spend about an hour fluffing the tree out. Then I put on the lights and make sure there aren’t any bare spots (or dead bulbs). Then Hubbs and I have some wine and put up the ornaments and talk and laugh together. I absolutely love it.

It sounds intense and weary when I write it down but when I do it, it’s relaxing and soothing to my soul.

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I was just reminded this morning of Xmas trees…I would just remove the bag,rinse it off in the tub,let dry and toss some bulbs at it!lol!My mom,on the other hand was a Xmas freak!Her trees were beautiful and tastefully done with alot of handcrafyted ornaments :)

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Not very much since It’s very hard to do the decoration and Im not very patient.. I HATE the whole “putting the lights” part, but I care about the color of the ornaments and their distribution. I decorated my tree two days ago and it actually came out very beautiful, must say I did it on my own. =)

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Not at all. The tinsel looks like it was shot out of a Cannon.

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As long as its standing upright and away from the fireplace.

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