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How do I fix an electric pencil sharpener?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) February 26th, 2008

I have a new electric pencil sharpener in my classroom. The motor stopped working. I have cleaned it out, but it still won’t turn-any ideas?

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It could be whatever triggers it to run (pressure of the pencil I’m guessing). Check while unplugged that any connections that look like they should be made when you press in the pencil are connecting and that there’s nothing preventing it.

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Simply put, the motor or another component such as a capacitor could have burned out. The best way to troubleshoot an issue like this is to check all the circuits with a multimeter, or try swapping parts with another working model.

That is the pretty much the proper and only way to effectively troubleshoot things. When it comes to an electric pencil sharpener, it’s smarter to just buy a new one once you’ve reach the point you have (no pun).

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If you get a new one, I recommend the “SchoolPro” from Office Depot. It’s fast and quiet and has a huge container for pencil shavings so you almost never have to empty it, plus it seems to be heartier than most other pencil sharpeners, which definitely take a beating in classrooms.

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If you have the recipt or the box try to return it and get a new one.

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The SchoolPro is actually made by Xacto. If you go to and search for SchoolPro it will come up.

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get children to stick their finger in.
murphy’s law?

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throw it at a wall .. Then buy a new one

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plug it in!

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Boston make a hefty school model I liked for about $40.

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Update: My classroom’s new SchoolPro sharpener from Xacto stopped working after about a month. So frustrating! I contacted Xacto’s customer service and learned the sharpener has a 10 year warranty. I faxed in my receipt and a description of the problem and they replaced it for free within a couple weeks. If only I had known this sooner…I’ve replaced so many sharpeners over the years!

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