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What's the best time of year to visit Eupore?

Asked by b (1873points) January 2nd, 2007
I am planning a trip to Eupore this spring, and was wondering if anyone had a preffered time of the year to travel.
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spring is it.
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I would say it depends whole heartedly on which parts of the continent you intend on seeing. i live in italy and i prefer the autumn there--but maybe thats just me. the fall is also significantly less touristy and you'll save some money by being there in a sort of "off season".
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if you're going to Paris, it's true what they say about Springtime. it's by far the best season. summer is interersting because all the Parisians are gone on vacation, so the people you meet will mostly be tourists. fall is nice, too. winter, sun sets really early, so you won't get much out of your days.
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Paris sucks, don't go there (I know, I used to live there).
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Go to Reims, Toulouse, or Bordeau instead. And try Berlin, Brussels, and Geneva after that. I'd say the best time would be either april/may, and october/november.
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Welcome to europe ! (I'm french)
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avoid august in many parts of europe - too hot!
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I like going in mid-September. All of the kids are back in school so you have less tourists, the sea is warmer because the sun has been heating it through the summer and the days are hot, but not too hot. Everywhere is calmer after the bug summer rush.

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JI'd travel in late June/ July/ August in Scandinavia and May in southern parts of Europe. Avoid vacation time in central Europe, starting in early July.
To day (27th june) it's 46C in Italy & Greece and 13degrees C in UK and Scandinavia.
Have a nice trip.

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OK, so I went to Western Europe in Spring, and loved it. Sorry jrduboc, but I loved Paris. Totally fell in love with that city. But I agree on Brussels and Berlin. Spring is a good time to wander around without an itenerary, in summer everything is booked up. I met a lot of backpakers in late June sleeping on the streets because everything was full. I was gone from April 24th to June 27th, and mostly the weather was fantastic. Thanks for all the input everyone! Can't wait to go back.

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Thanksgiving week is clearly the BEST time to travel to Europe. I went to Barcelona, Paris and Zurich last year during Thanksgiving week….and there were virtually NO Americans in Europe and almost no tourists at all. We did not wait in ANY lines – not even at the Louvre! Shhhhh – don’t tell.

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I would agree that it depends on when you plan on going. We went to Germany in 2006 in July and it was perfect. Got a little warm during the day so dress appropriately. Our tour guide told us that just the week before they had nothing but rain. We had rain one day and that was towards the end of our trip.

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