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How do I solve this equation--> iTunes + MacBook + Microsoft SYNC = what cheap, decent mp3 player?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) December 15th, 2009

My gf is now armed with all of the above except the mp3 player. I’d like for her to have an mp3 player in the car so that she can have all her music at hand (via SYNC), but it would be nice to just have it sync the content via her iTunes rather than managing it manually or with some other software. Ideally, the mp3 player would just stay in her car full-time unless there was a reason to put new music or podcasts on it. It seems overkill to buy an iPod for this purpose (not to mention, she would never use the player for any other purpose—e.g. she doesn’t listen to music via headphones), which is why I’m wondering if there’s a lesser brand solution. Also, the mp3 player would likely be plugged in full-time via a car charger.

I don’t know anything about other mp3 players and whether they play well with iTunes on a Mac. Ideas?

edit:: unless an old gen iPod makes sense… if so, what should I look for?

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I would buy an iPod shuffle. No display, great battery life and will work simply with iTunes. I wouldn’t even worry about getting the latest gen either.

I use a Zen Stone and I love it but if I recall, it doesn’t play well with iTunes. At least, mine didn’t.

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Sorry… I should add that she will want to select albums, artists or podcasts to play. I’m guessing the shuffle wouldn’t be ideal for that, but correct me if I am wrong. Also, probably she needs 8 GB or more.

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@kevbo No you’re right. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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I’m not sure how Microsoft SYNC fits into this equation.

The Nano is probably your best bet. They have a refurbished one at the Apple Store for 99$. It is pink and 8Gigs.

If you want to use iTunes a iPod is your best bet.

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SYNC is her interface in the car. So she can do voice commands like “Play Artist Tom Petty” to play Tom Petty or “Play Album Wildflowers” to play that album. I think it will also let her control playback with buttons. Anyway, SYNC doesn’t require an iPod. It will work with any mp3 player or even a USB stick via a USB port in the car.

Pink is definitely a plus, regardless.

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Just discovered DoubleTwist, which can run parallel to iTunes, so I think I’ll just go with that for now. Thank you both for your input.

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