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What has been your experience on Diazepam?

Asked by nebule (16452points) December 15th, 2009

My Doctor has (today) put me on 2mg three times daily for ten days. This is for a suspected muscle spasm in my throat which he thinks is psychological because I have GERD (or Gastro-(o)esophageal reflux disease) and thought it was something to do with that as I’ve had increased difficulty swallowing.

Because the difficulty is intermittent and gets worse throughout the day is the reason why he thinks it’s psychological rather than anything physically obstructing… so…

My question is really what have your experiences been… but my motivation is this:

Amongst other (very scary) things the leaflet that comes with the tablets suggest that one doesn’t come off the tablets immediately (but nothing has been mentioned about this to me) because it can cause all sorts of complications… and to avoid alcohol… which is fine but it’s like… nearly Christmas… and it says do not drive and I have a very important trip to make on Monday to a friend of mine…

So I’m kind of wondering whether to start taking them after Christmas and put up with the discomfort until then or whether to take them at all… or whether to take them and come off them on Christmas Eve… (but then I’m a bit concerned about coming off them quickly – although nothing has been said about coming off them slowly… hmmm)

ANYWAY…skip to the end…. I’m going to phone the pharmacist in the morning about the discrepancies about coming off the tablets (and the fact that I’m on Omeprazole too which apparently you’re not supposed to take…) but I wanted to know YOUR stories…because these sound like pretty dangerous and serious pills…and I’m a bit scared!!!

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I’ve always felt like absolute shit whenever I’ve taken Diazepam. Some people like myself get depressed from it.

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I was given 10mg diazepam some years ago but as an aid to sleep – they did thier job although I only took them when required, which worked out to be roughly 2 or 3 times a week. I alsways found the NEXT night after taking them I’d also get a good sleep and yes they made me a little groggy in the morning but not the whole day thankfully. As I wasnt taking them regularly as such, stopping them was no problem.
My good lady has been prescribed them for a neck injury, 2mg also, she finds they relax her, sometimes to the point where she needs to have a lie down. They are sedatives so it goes without saying you shouldnt drive or take alcohol, but your doctor should have walked you through all of this. I know my Wifes Doc talked her through everything, including not taking them for too long (He wouldnt prescribe for more than 3 months) and potential side effects.
I think they are like booze, they will affect people differently, depending on your body mass, constitution etc, but if you want to take alcohol, I’d seriously consider either NOT drinking and taking the pills or waiting till after the festive period, It depends if you wanna suffer till after then just for the sake of a wee drinkie!
I hope the spasm in your throat clears up soon for you and you manage to have a great christmas!!


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@scotsbloke thank you for your answer… so because you mention taking them on and off could I technically take them between now and Saturday and then skip Sunday and Monday and then start them again for a couple of days and….second thoughts… it’s probably best to wait til after Christmas eh… or cancel the trip and skip alcohol for the next…nine days….

I think more than anything it’s made me think that actually I’m a bit psychotic…. that I’m not necessarily imagining the pain but causing it myself with worry,...which I can’t seem to control and that’s made me feel a bit…mental I guess…. this is ridiculous… getting all anxious about anti-anxiety meds….

I am inclined not to take them yet… but the pain is quite bad and I do need to report back to my doctor, so if I didn’t take them til after xmas I’d have to tell him why…and that might sound a bit ridiculous… like having a good time over Christmas is more important than my health which does sound a bit mental…maybe I am…

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@lynneblundell – being mental (in the humorous sense) is almost a prerequisite where I live!
My advice (which is worth precisley Nadda) is to get proper medical advice.
What works for me, or Bob, or Jimmy Mcvitie, might not work for you.
You gotta do what ir right for YOU.
I totally feel where you are coming from though. It sucks big time.
Wow, I was…....... no help at all….............. :0)

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@colliedog thanks for the thread…very interesting xx

@scotsbloke you have helped x

I guess..we’re the only jellies that have been on this stuff then eh though…

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I was on this years and years ago. 2mg is the very smallest dose and he has only given you ten days worth.

It normally takes significantly longer than that and higher doses to cause the type of addiction which the pamphlet warns about. However, years ago they didn’t realize this and it was being very over prescribed to tons of people and at much higher doses.

In order to find out what effect it has on YOU, which is the most important part of the question, why not take it for a day or two and then go from there?

I have no way of knowing how it will affect you and neither does anybody else. You can certainly take them for several days and then stop without any problem.

You don’t even know whether or not it will help with the throat spasms. You doctor doesn’t know either. This is part of the diagnostic procedure of trial and error. It’s entirely possible that it’s NOT psychosomatic. Your doctor is giving you his best guess at this point.

If you don’t try it until after the holidays, you are postponing accurate diagnosis. This is not a medication that needs to build up in your system to reach therapeutic levels the way some SSRIs. It will either help or it won’t. A couple of days should let you know.

If it were me, I would try it to see if it helps and then decide from there. If it doesn’t help the situation, it’s important to know asap.

If it does help, then it’s time enough to make further decisions from there.

Just for reference, I was taking 10mg tabs for several years with a total average of 30–50 mg per day, most of it at night.

However, the effects were considerably offset by the fact that I was simultaneously on large doses of asthma meds with large amounts of theophylline (which is like caffeine X 50) so it’s not like I was walking around like a zombie or something :)

Valium (diazepam) is not something you want to be taking for long periods of time at high doses, but 6mg spread out over three doses in a day is a long long way off from that.

Those warnings are on their due to the fact that significant numbers of people years ago were popping them and abusing them in large large amounts the same way that
Vicodin is nowadays.

What your doctor has given you is minimal (and quite responsible) by comparison. He simply wants to get to the bottom of why you’re having those spasms. Once that is answered, then a long term solution can be sought, most likely something else.

By all means speak to the pharmacist. They will likely give you the same info. But, they will not be able to determine anymore than we can to what degree this medicine will affect your
functioning as each individuals body is different.

The only one who will be able
to tell will be you after giving it a try for a day of two. But at the lowest possible dose, I think it’s entirely possibly that the effect may very well be neglible. Don’t take it on an empty stomach and you’ll probably be ok.

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@Buttonstc much love for that answer thank you xxx and now I can….ahhhhh…. breathe!!!

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I was given a prescription for it after the birth of my son, they thought I was having uterine spasms which were incredibly painful.

I found it worked great, and even helped as a painkiller for me. I don’t have an addictive personality, but I was getting physically dependent on it quite instantly. I would suffer withdrawal when I was not on it, spacing out..not feeling like myself. I never craved taking the drug, but I knew my body wanted it…if that makes sense. I find it to be scary because I didn’t have control. I only took it close to my period because that’s when the spasms would get the worst. I would take it exactly as directed. I had a good experience other than feeling my body wanting to be on it.

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I was taking it for dizzy spells. The recommended dosage knocked me out for a day, but by breaking the pills into quarters, the dizziness was settled while I was still able to get up in the morning.

All things considered, it was one of the most effective drugs I’ve ever taken.

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I’m curious as to what dosage you were taking and after taking it for how long did your body crave it.

But what you describe is accurate and it’s why they had to discontinue using it so widely. But, it is a really effective medication for all sorts of muscle issues. It’s just difficult to balance out the benefits vs. the drawbacks.

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@Buttonstc I do not have the prescription anymore, but I really want to say it was 5mg’s. I’m drawing a blank on what it was. It wasn’t a high dose though, and it was a “take as needed” sort of thing, and I only took it when absolutely necessary.

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ive never taken them, but work in mental health therefore a lot of my clients are prescribed these – always short term, as your good self, due to their being addictive. please take them, have no fear about stopping after such a short time, the leaflet is for people who have been on them for a much longer time. if youre concerned about driving, dont take one before you go, take one on your journey home, and if you need to, take the last one before you go to bed :)

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one more thing – its best you dont take any alcohol for the period you are on them, even though its a very small dose

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Do you remember the color? They are either white or pastel blue or pale yellow.

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I’ve never been on Diazepam myself, but I’ve been on two other Benzodiazepine’s which are Clonazepam and Lorazepam. Diazepam is just a heavier substance than the one’s I’ve been on. Depending on how much you take, you feel relaxed (I take mine for anxiety) and lost any anxious feelings. If you take a bit more you can get to the point where you almost fall asleep, very drowsy, feeling out of it, possibly not able to walk in a straight line.

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ive already seen some good examples as to why its not wise to ask about medication online, best to check with your doctor, he/she will put you straight

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@Buttonstc White. I believe. I think I’ve had blue as well.

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I would not take it for more than 5 days in a row. Maybe you can take a break before you take more. Addiction can become an issue. Maybe getting a second opinion from another doctor is a good idea.

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If you were taking the blue ones it’s no wonder it was starting to give you possible problems. Those are 10 mgs.

The whites are only 2. Big difference :)

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I adore valium…..not the hangover nasty of xanax…..complete relaxation…no addiction for me.

much safer than most stuff comin out on the market.

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