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Do you feel obliged to give Lurve?

Asked by belakyre (2125points) December 16th, 2009

Do you feel obliged to “Lurve up” a Question or Answer? I mean, the guys did spend their time thinking on their questions and responses and personally I think that any contribution…no matter how small or big….should be recognized. Maybe its just me? :P

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Not anymore.

(When in Rome, do as the Romans do.)

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Its nice to share the lurve.

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I think it’s great to “lurve” up a question or answer – especially an answer to your own question. I appreciate people taking the time to answer them!

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There are some I lurve automatically – cuz they have proven themselves worthy of my time- regardless of what they say at that particular moment. They are my luddies – lurve buddies. It’s like a high five to ‘em.

Newbies get lurve to encourage them – it’s hard to have just 20–50 lurve.

The rest gotta sweat for my lurve.


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I do it voluntarily. It’s part of the Fluther model and Fluther culture. But I also think that being passionate about questions and answers and debates is far more important that being focused on rising numbers. Same in real life. There are people who mainly want to do great work and there are people who mainly want to get a promotion. The latter group is more likely to fail.

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@mattbrowne Very true, when we learn, we don’t take with us our grades, we take with us what we learned in the process. The end result really as important as the process when it comes to life (well, mostly anyway, I still have a long way to go in life) :P

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GQ @belakyre and for sure lurve is in the air, it seems to be flying every which way!

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I like to give out lurve. It’s free so I can afford to be generous with it.

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Obliged? No. But I always do whenever I answer a question because I don’t answer just to be answering. I only reply to questions which capture my attention/interest, but I appreciate a good question whether I have an opinion/answer or not. Same goes for a good response. I am generous by nature and if a person makes a good point they get “lurved” even if I may not necessarily agree with them. :-)

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I don’t feel obligated, no. But I do it often because… I like to and I can.

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I don’t. I give it to the answers or questions that are well thought out and answer the question. It is a different feeling now when I hit that button. It means something. It also means something to me in reverse, when I do get it from people that really took the time to read my answer or question.

I can actually respond here with answers that are not wasted and ask questions that will be answered. The quality for Q&A is so much better here. I won’t cheapen it by just giving it to all Q&A, because frankly some are not well thought out.

I want my lurve to be earned.

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No, I don’t feel obliged at all.

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if only everyone lurved one another….

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i lurve any question i answer since it must be good for to take the time. i also lurve anyone that answers my own questions since they took the the time to so. i also lurve any good answers i see. i mean is not costing us anything but a second so why not share the lurve ?

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Nope. I only give it when I truly feel that it’s a good answer or question. Now, at 10K parties, I toss lurve about because, well, the 10Kers earned it. :)

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Me neither. Just give it when I think the answer is really interesting or funny or helpful. I want my lurve to matter, and since only twenty of my lurves will matter for anyone else, I don’t feel an obligation to spread it around like water.

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Obligated? Of course not. I pass it out like leaves falling on a lawn in the fall. Every contribution helps make Fluther a better place, why not reward them? It’s not like it’s worth hoarding.

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