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What are the price of Seedless Grapes in Your area ?

Asked by HighShaman (3035points) December 16th, 2009

Just this past summer, seedless grapes were just 99 cents per pound around here in central Florida… some stores, they were $1.29 or $1.59 even.

Today, I was at the grocery and they are $2.99 a pound ! Is that a lttle pricy or is there a grape shortage that i haven’t heard about ?

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In areas where I’ve lived (Providence, Boston, San Francisco), I’ve seen seedless grape (red and green) prices fluctuate between $0.99/lb to $2.99/lb at the local grocery store. I only buy when they are on sale at $0.99/lb because they are really quite heavy and a bag will normally run me $3–5 even at that price.

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I live in grape country ( southern california ) costs us about 1.25 a pound

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Working in a produce department in the Chicago land area, seedless grapes in my store are $3.99 lb right now. I have rarely seen them go any higher than that. Yes grapes are cheeper in the summer as there is more available. As the winter months come produce prices do arise. Most of the grapes that are in stores now come from other countries. Weather plays a big part in produce prices as well.

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Local price here about £3.75 a kilo, that’s roughly US$3.75 a pound. (edited to increase slightly after checking the website of my local supermarket)

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$1.99 is a good deal, sometimes I go for it
I always buy if I see $0.99
I’m in Chicagoland, too.

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Right now we have a variety of very large seedless green grape, called a Princess Grape, that I haven’t seen before. They are really good, so even though they run $3.99 a pound they sell out very quickly. However, they are in short supply because they apparently don’t produce well. I hope they can fix that because they are good.

Other seedless green grapes in our area run $2.99 a pound, and some smaller and slightly off-looking seedless green grapes from Mexico are running 99 cents a pound. A lot of the nice grapes are being shipped in from Chile and Argentina so I imagine transportation costs are quite high.

I am in southern Texas.

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Northern California – lowest on sale $1.97 – poor choice.

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