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How far will you be traveling for the Holiday's?

Asked by baileysmom12 (957points) December 17th, 2009

Every one is meeting at my house this year. My sister that lives in South Carolina will be going to Chicago to see her in-laws then they are coming here. How far will you have to travel this year?

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I will travel to my refrigerator and then back to bed.

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I’ll be travelling from my kitchen to my living room (and back and forth). Everyone is coming here, as well.

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Not too far, just 150 miles. thats the distance between where i live and our favorite casino. we are going to celebrate the new year in style this year. hope to win a lot of money.

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@john65pennington Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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About 25 miles if we go to the MIL & FIL’s house. About 35 miles if we go to the BIL & SIL’s house. This all depends on when the impending niece/nephew shows up!

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To the kitchen to get popcorn. To the living room to watch Spaceballs.

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@rangerr – Why?
Are you away from family and friends?

For me, everyone lives in the neighborhood.

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I wyll be traveling from the couch to the kitchen to the bathroom.

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Not traveling at all. Staying home. Good Question baileysmom!!!

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@NUNYA Thank you NUNYA.

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We will be doing the family get together 5 miles away at my sister’s house on Christmas eve. We decided many years ago that Christmas day would be spent at our house so we didn’t have the stress of having to spend the day traveling with toddlers. Everyone is welcome to come have dinner with us as long as we don’t have to go anywhere that day.

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@ChazMaz My family canceled Christmas, so it’s just gonna be a normal day. I’ll probably end up at the ranch though.

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About 8 miles.

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@rangerr – How do you feel about that?


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@ChazMaz I’m not too worried about it. I still got my little sister a present. Our family doesn’t really talk much anyway.
& yep. Our horses. 63 of ‘em.

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To my boyfriend’s father’s house 20 minutes away.

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0.0 miles. Staying home this year.

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Down the road. It will take less than an hour to get there. And then on the actual day of Christmas I will be going down the hall into the living room.

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I am not going anywhere but my best friend (whom I met on the internet 7 years ago) is on a plane right now from Huston to my place in Pennsylvania..=) I’ll be picking her up in a few hours….I am so EXCITED!!!!

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About 0.7 miles to the in-laws house.

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@butterflykisses Awww that’s awesome!!! I’m excited for you!!!

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@King_of_Sexytown Thank you! We get together at least twice a year..It has been too long since I last saw her!

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24 inches.

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The only traveling I will be doing is time travel back to when the kids were small, Santa was real, and eating a big meal didn’t put me in a coma.

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@Merriment That’s great! Traveling without moving! Love it!

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I honestly don’t know how many miles it is to “home” (my mom’s house), but it takes about 3 hours from where I live now. It’s mostly freeway, though. phew!

And then I will travel about 15 minutes down the road for my Aunt’s Christmas dinner. :P

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¾ of a mile!

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About 66 miles to my Grandmthers house (and the county I was born in).

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Am going to Hawaii tomorrow. But will be back here for Christmas.

Then we’re going to Nevada. First to visit my grandparents and then to go to my vacation home at Lake Tahoe with my family and my boyfriend.

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If I pick up my wife to go to my niece’s house for Xmas Eve, then it will be about 13 miles.
If I drive there directly, it will be about 8 miles.

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16 miles to my sister’s.

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Most of our family lives 500 miles away, but we can’t afford to visit them this year.

We have slowly been building a family enclave here, with my youngest son, his wife, their two boys, and my oldest grandson.

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@Mavericksjustdoinganotherflyby —thanks! It’s the only way to fly :)

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@butterflykisses omg isn’t going to pick someone up at the airport the most exciting thing ever?!??!!?!?!?

my boyfriend is landing in philly in less than 2 days and i am already so excited that i can barely breathe or move or walk lol. i will be spending christmas here, in pittsburgh, and the last night of hanukkah in new jersey :D :D :D :D

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No will be home. My extended family is coming here. We will have a nice fire and a great meal. My two grandsons are great fun.

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@deni It was!! and is!! LOL She is here and it has been wonderful!! Nothing like seaching through the faces at the airport and seeing that face that is there for you!! ENJOY!!! Happy Hanukkah!

Everyone else: Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!! May they be bright and full of love and happiness!! <3

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@butterflykisses BEST FEELING EVER :) thank you! and happy holidays!

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