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Make Rhythmbox sort Artists in Browser like iTunes or Songbird, ignore "The" in artist name?

Asked by RedMosquitoMM (539points) December 17th, 2009

iTunes will sort in its Artist browser alphabetically, ignoring “the” in the artist name. For example, “The Pixies” will appear between Pearl Jam and Placebo, with the sort ignoring “the.” Is there a setting, tweak, plugin, etc. for Rhythmbox to make it behave the same way?

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THE specifies or is a particularizing effect, as opposed to the indefinite or generalizing force of the indefinite article a or an.


The name of the band is BEATLES. THE is used to direct.

I see it proper to remove the THE when cataloging names.

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@ChazMaz It’s all up to the artist whether they want to include “The” in their name. The Beatles have chosen to do that, I believe, so just Beatles would be wrong.

Anyway, as for the question: there has been some discussion this feature. I’m still reading it, but AFAICS the problem in implementing this was that “The” might be an actual word in a different language. There are some proposed solutions that might solve this but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet. (You might look at other audio players though, there are a lot of good ones for Ubuntu… If you consider this a significant enough problem, of course.)

Oh, and of course you could apply a patch from that webpage I linked to if you know how to. If you’re a developer, open source is even cooler ;-)

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@Vincentt The link doesn’t seem to be working. Repost? And no, I’m not a developer – but would attempt a patch if you can provide simple direction.

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Hmm, odd, sorry, here’s the link again:

Unfortunately, I’m not a developer either, so I wouldn’t know too. It would involve downloading the sourcecode (which you would probably do with Subversion/SVN, I guess), then applying the patch, and then compiling the sourcecode. But that’s a lot of terms to Google, so I wouldn’t consider it worth the effort. (As in: finding a different audio player would be less effort. I believe Songbird also filters out the “The”.)

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Yeah, it does for sure, and it’s actually my player of choice – unfortunately, I’m more sold on using Global Menu Applet which currently causes all things Mozilla to not launch, even via terminal. That’s another question nobody seems to be able to answer.

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Ahh :S

It does have an answer, though, in the FAQ. Just not a solution (but a reason for why there is no solution):

Q: Is it possible for global menu to support Firefox and

A: NO, Firefox and OpenOffice come with XUL and DSO (respectively) which are huge monsters to work with, therefore in practice it is impossible to implement such a plugin on a patch without any expertise in these monsters. If you find a clean solution we’ll be all very happy to merge it in the project though;

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@Vincentt Now that suggests to me a reason why the menus don’t appear correctly in the applet, not why those programs fail to open and run correctly altogether. That’s a big difference. Thoughts?

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Hmm, true… What I would do is check the bugtrackers and, if necessary, report it, because that will probably get it the attention of somebody who will have proper thoughts on this ;-)

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ha, I definitely posted on two different relevant bug reports explaining what distro and version I was running, the exact situation that caused the problem, etc. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen an update yet that fixes such a HUGE problem.

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Hmm, well, I don’t think it qualifies as a huge problem. Global menu is kind of a hack that really isn’t officially supported. Also, developers are scarce ;-)

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@Vincentt Interestingly enough it seems to be fixed as of my Updates last night. Not sure if it was a change on Mozilla’ s end or the Applet’s end, but all of a sudden Firefox, Thunderbird, and Songbird all work (though I’m having independent problems with Songbird having to do with the size of my library).

Still wish Rhythmbox sorted that way though because it’s such a fast application and happens to be Ubuntu’s default.

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Ah, great :) Does OO.o work too?

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I currently don’t have it on my system, so I’ll reinstall and let you know. I have no idea whether it’s Gnome or not, so the program may function but not take advantage of the Applet (one of the reasons I’ve been using Abiword – namely the live word count feature).

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