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Any cures for a shedding Border Collie?

Asked by john65pennington (29258points) December 17th, 2009

Our border collie, Michael, is shedding by leaps and bounds. he is combed every three days, but he still leaves a vapor trail of hair in our house. its winter and this is unusual for him. he is given a bath every two weeks. could he have dry skin and this causes him to scratch, thus leaving the hair? need a remedy…fast.

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What does the vet say?

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Is there any reason for him to be stressed? When ever there was some kind of big change like moving, he would shed profusely. He was a border collie mix.

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I use a furminator on my border collie mix. It takes some work, but it really cuts down on the furry tumbleweeds in the house.

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I know the feeling, I know the feeling very well! I have had the pleasure of three Border Collies and one Collie cross in my life and all of them shed more than any other breed I have had. Very regular grooming is the only thing that helped us keep on top of it.

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We get our Border shaved during Summer ( she looks funny) but its worth it , she seems to shed a lot less and it keeps her cool, we let it grow back in Winter and it seems to be a lot stronger and she sheds less

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We have a German Shepherd that sheds constantly.She did have a food allergy(corn)so we switched foods and it seemed to help :)

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