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How can I link people to a single, 2 minute video I created?

Asked by Video_Trainee (4points) December 17th, 2009

I have several videos of two to three minutes in length. I want specific people to only see specific ones and none of the others. They are too large to email. I know I can post them on picture and video sites but I have found that for some sites the recipient will first have to register with the site, and other sites let a person see ALL of the videos. I don’t want the recipient to have to register with a site. I want to be able to email a person a single link and they only see the one video. I also do not want to uniquely register with any site for each video I need to post. Can this be done?

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Vimeo allows you to upload videos in very high quality and you are able to set the privacy so that the viewer needs to enter a password to watch. You can also set it so that only certain contacts can see the videos although I think that means they have to make accounts.

I don’t know of any site where you can upload video without and account and still restrict who can watch it.

In the end video sites are giving you upload space and are going to require an account especially if you’re restricting who can and cannot watch your videos. If you want a site that allows you to upload video without an account still you could try TinyPic

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I have no problem with MY registering for an account. I don’t want the recipient of the link to have to register.

P.S. Your links are not working for me for some reason.

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My bad, I must have misread >_<
This is the line that confused me, ” I also do not want to uniquely register with any site for each video I need to post.”

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You can do it with Vimeo as @warpling suggested, you just need to give the person the password with their video.

I can’t see any other way of doing it anyway. You can always set the password as the recipients email address so it simplifies it somewhat.

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@Video_Trainee Hmm sorry, I’m not sure what’s going on there… (Ah looks like I needed an http://)

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I went to Vimeo. The person has to wait 30 minutes when they click on my video?

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What is it? This video?

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You have to sign up for an account (or use your gmail account). You can then post pictures and video into albums and email links to the albums. you can have the album available to everyone, only viewable to the people you email, or have it so they need a Google ID to login to view.

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Dropbox. It’s free for up to 2GB. You can places files into a shared folder, or email links to share just specific files.

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