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Ever fallen in Love with someone, you shouldn't've fallen in love with?

Asked by Mat74UK (4662points) December 18th, 2009

Apart from it being a great song has it ever happened to you?
Was it doomed?
Did you do anything about it?
Did they know?
Did it all turn out rosey?
If so do the lyrics mean more now?
Are you still?

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I might not have fallen in love with some girls I should have fallen in love with.
My brain rarely lets my heart make any decisions.

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he was / is mental i thought if we got married he might get better…... wrong!
i am now getting s a divorce. i dont think love can conquer all,
i knew it wasnt going to work from the start . but at least i can say i tried my hardest.

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Yes I must now find the courage to confess. I fell in love with Lois, we both know who I mean. Alas it is doomed to fail. She is happily (ish) married with 2 wonderful children & 1 not so. Nod to Meg. Any way she’s way too animated for my liking i’ll get over her i’m sure!

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I don’t know if it was love or not but it was terrible
I did something, I ran away!!!
sometimes I should listen to my brain more carefully…
If I have to put it in perspective, it was worst than DUI, and crashing, in a chinese car… on route 666

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how can somebody be wrong to fall in love with
If you fall in love with that person it means that there’s something that connects you two so it can be wrong

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my ex-wife!

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i shouldnt have…so i didnt:(

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Yes I have and I told them. That’s all I am going to say on the matter except that I don’t regret it for a moment even though I probably should.

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Hell Yeah!! I could write a book!!! :-/

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Of course I have! Because I am a dumbass. It took a loooong time for me to learn that lesson and follow my common sense.

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@ucme Who is Meg?

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There’d be only one chapter on the wife!! Lol… but many more before & after it !! :-/

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How much time do you have…..? Pull up a chair, let’s have a bottle of wine…, let’s empty out a local vineyard….....:)

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@Vunessuh The daughter on Family Guy the whole family treat with distain. My answer was in jest because of the askers avatar.

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Oh, thank God! I was afraid…...nevermind. I just feel a wave of relief coming over me.

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@phillis LAWL!
@ucme Thanks for the clarification.

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@phillis when it comes to being a “dumbass,” i should write a book on being one…when, it comes to marriage, for some reason, never a “good picker!” Kind of like Strange One said, “i shouldn’t have, but i did!” Day of my wedding, told my best friend, this does not feel right. My friend said, “you can always back out!” I didn’t…oh my gosh, a huge mistake. Oh well, such is life!

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@Vunessuh No problem just me being a mischief again!

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Cotton, please know that we’re ALL dumbasses when it comes to this! I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t majorly screw up at some point during thier dating years. I think it’s a really hard area to learn the life lessons in.

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agreed MsP, unfortunately, the heart usually does the thinking for the brain!

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Yep, it sure does. We are slaves to the chemicals, baby! Which is what nature intended.

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litterally 20 minutes ago me and my boyfriend broke up, it wasn’t doomed from the start but it was doomed a while ago and had been dragged on so as to not ruin the holidays i guess. It’s not so much that i shouldn’t have loved him, but I shouldn’t have loved him as much as I did, I invested too much of my love in a relationship . . . and even as i saw it fizzle out I refused to reduce my love for him, which only made it hurt worse. it hurt me that he dragged it on, he’s wasn’t that great at pretending he still liked me which added insult to injury (though truthfully it’s not all his fault . . .can’t blame a girl for being irrationally upset can you?) I think i still love him, though I know it’s pointless to do so. It’s not ending rosey . . .I’m not making voddo dolls or anything I’m just emotionally exhausted at can’t stand the thought of seeing or talking to him.

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It’s not usually my heart that does the thinking!! :-/

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Sometimes, i think that maybe i should not have fallen in love with my wife. being a police officer for so many years, she has had to tolerate a lot from me and my job. she has been there for me, through the good times and the bad times. she has listened to me fuss and cuss, whenever i lose a criminal case, knowing the person did the crime, but the jury could not see it. my wife has been there for the many sicknesses i have contracted from peoples houses, on police calls. i have told my wife on many occasions that she probably could have had a better life with someone else. she told me, “YOU CANNOT HELP WHO YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH”. so, i guess that answers this question for both of us.

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Yes, my 2 ex-wives.

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Sandra Bullock…....
She never writes me :-(

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Oh god, yes. Matchbox 20’s song 3 AM is the anthem for those 2 years of hell.

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Yes; I sure have . Of course, it did not work out… I was left bitter for a year or so….

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Yes, and I don’t know if I’ve learned the lessons today. I don’t trust myself. I give too much. I care too much. I will make it work, but they were determined to take and Not make it work.

But, hindsight. There were 3 men who did come in my life at various times that I know would make it work, were wonderful, but the timing was off for me where I could not allow love in my life. I had more important things to do. I hope that if I am ever given that chance again, that there is nothing more important than true love that arrives on its own.

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I sure did, and I absolutely knew it was doomed from the start. I think she knew that I’d fallen for her, too. I mean, we were dating so it wasn’t totally ridiculous of me… just probably not the wisest choice. Oh, well. Can’t blame a girl for trying, I guess!

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Yeah my ex-wife. Even my BIL told me not to do it…“the whole family is crazy” he warned me. Dumb dumb dumb….

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Only briefly once but it didn’t take me long to realize he wasn’t for me and dump him. And as for any other loser I dated, it wasn’t really love. Just a crushes and lust and a need to just have someone in my life at the time.

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Yes.I fell in love with Psycho Bob.Bad decision, That was.Bad ,bad ,Psycho Bob,baddest Bob in the whole damned town! everybody sing

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Yes, there was one man in particular who I dated for a couple years before I met my husband. He was a VP at the office I worked at (no, he was not my boss). The sex was great (OMG! shudders) but he broke my heart when I found out he was seeing someone else too.

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@Cotton101 I could certainly add a few chapters to your book.

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Pearls loll…don’t be telling my “stuff!”

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Yes I did a long time ago, Its so hard, at the time my feelings for him were far more than him for me and he went his merry way. We are still in touch, but the boundaries are now firmly underlined. With age a little wisdom comes!

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Yes, & still suffering the consequences.

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my friend TheJoker…understand your comment! “been there and do dat!”

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@Cotton101 I was referring to my stuff.

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Not including myself?

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@Phillis You mean that just because I was thinking about divorce while I was saying the vows it may have been a poor decision? And the fact that I stayed in it for 14 miserable years may have compounded the error?

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Yes and i think it has just started. And i feel like fainting thinking about it.

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yeah i’m gay and i’ve had a crush on a straight guy before. it was awful.

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@writemyselfaletter Bahahah! No, that couldn’t have had anything to do with it. We’re all victims, remember? Don’t go spoiling it for the rest of us by taking respnsibility :D:D:D

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Yes! but more than that, I fancy people I shouldn’t just because I shouldn’t. I am deviant that way.

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@Just_Justine Hah, a great way to get yourself into mischief that!

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I fell in love, and that love crushed me into itty bitty pieces, and then went to jail for drugs. Yours, Humpty.

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My ex husband.

What was I thinkin’?

Aaah, well… what is ANYONE thinking when they are 21! lololol

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yes but it is something that everyone will experience, and learn many lessons from ;)

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Wonder Woman, she was my hero and i was just a fan, a nobody in the audience.

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I know a girl who fell in love with another girl in high school… But they were both straight, and after a few years of being together secretly, one realized they couldn’t be together. Needless to say, they’re in one hell of a situation now.

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Yep and it was a HUGE mistake that will never happen again! :(

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Yes. I am still in love with a long distance lover even after his feelings have changed. It has been 3 months. There are parts of me that hold on with a silly belief that when I see him in a few weeks the feelings that he once had for me would sprout up again. I know that the chances are slim to none. But, for some reason I still care about him and am having a hard time letting go.

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Yes. I did nothing about it, but I wish she at least knew.

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I met someone while on a 3-month contract away from home and fell in love with him, or rather, we fell in love with each other. We didn’t pursue a romantic relationship because we were both in committed relationships with other people. We ended up having a wonderful, if somewhat charged, friendship while we worked together – dinners together, walks on the beach, long conversations at the end of our work days. It was all very romantic and, of necessity, platonic.

We have since returned to our respective cities (and partners) and write to each other occasionally. I’ll always remember him very fondly and I’ll always wonder what we could’ve been to each other had we been free when we met.

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I have fallen in Love and did so for so many wonderful reasons. Of course I should have in all cases as it was staring me right in the heart.
I have no regrets for any of them as they have made me what I am now. I learned from every experience. Every part of the wave – trough and crest.
Does it make for a deeper mean set of lyrics – Hell yes
None were doomed.
None were unrequited.

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The question and topic remind me of an ee cummings poem.

may i feel said he

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God, yes. Whatta train wreck. @Christian95 , I had that exact mentality going in. You might not believe this now, but there are really wrong times to let that sentiment lead you. I hope you don’t have to learn that the hard way.

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Yep, the ex. And I will always have love for her in my heart, even though I know now that she doesn’t know what my love means.

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Love makes suckers of us all at some point, but yeah my SO (who was married cough’s) but he is not anymore and have to say he did tell me, had he been even a little bit happy with his ex, he would have looked, but carried on walking (so whooppiiee for me).

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In relationships, I usually go with my heart. So I sometimes fall in low with someone I shouldn’t or risky… that is the nature of love I guess.

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Holy Moley you have NO idea… I dated the KING of; “Jesus why did I do that, and why can’t I stop?”

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Yes, I fell in love with someone I shouldn’t have fell in love with…

I live (it) everyday. Over and over. I’m ashamed, but I can’t help it. I love her. She brightens those moments when I see her in all those movies and public appearance photos.

Yep. I love her.

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Nope. I’ve only fallen truly in love twice and both times I believe I was meant to.

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YES… but if you analyse it you will realise that most of the time it is LUST not LOVE…
It was doomed definitely. Could have been extremely scandalous . I think often in life we have to make sure we don’t misinterpret Lust for Love. It is very easy to confuse the two. Love is rational. Lust is not haha.

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No…it was love.

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Yes, I have…and it still hurts.

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It has happened….. in 5th grade…................. such a bad memory

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YES. Even his Mother tried to tell me he was bad. But, I found out years later that he is a sociopath and had me completely fooled. He had told me his Mother was the bad one, so I didn’t believe her warning. I hate him with the same passion I once loved him with. I seriously doubt I will ever try another relationship – being played and then treated as if you don’t exist is the worst kind of pain there is.

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