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Do you think if it rained only once every few years it would have the same type of reaction as snow gets?

Asked by Timebomb (240points) December 18th, 2009

People going out in the rain getting wet, splashing each other?

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Hmmm… I guess I never thought of it as much. But I would presume that if it did rain every couple of years, people would be more appreciative and more likely to enjoy themselves in it and ultimately have fun when it was rain season. I know people down here in So. California don’t really like the rain all too much, but despise the heat in summer.

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Sounds like Florida to me.

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No. It’s rain.

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Rain is necessary for mans existence on earth. a snowfall is not benefical, only cosmetic.

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The ice age was of great importance.

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The real question is if it hailed as often as it rained, how would people react?

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I think so. I remember heatwaves when I was a kid when it wouldn’t rain for long stretches of time. When it finally rained many people (read: children) would run out and play in the rain.

A great childhood memory for me.

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It has been raining for 4 days. If it was hail…

I would be pretty honked off right now.

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Hm… I LOVE rain. I love “forgetting” my umbrella on rainy days and feeling the drops splash in my face… but where I live, it doesn’t snow, so rain is as close as it gets. (I love snow too though!)
I’d be so sad if it rained less… But the less it rains, the more special those rainy days are; so I think more people would appreciate it the way I do : )

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I think people would be more excited if it rained money sometime.

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Only if in my yard.

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If it rained as infrequently as it snowed we’d all be dead.

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Well, I live in the Midwest and we get almost as much snow in the winter as we get rain the rest of the year. But, every time it snows (or rains) people drive like it’s the first time they’ve seen either.

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