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Taxi to Manhattan from Newark Airport?

Asked by lrk (757points) December 18th, 2009

I’m flying into New York around 10:30AM (9 hours from this post!). How much does a taxi cost from Newark to the East Village, and do Newark cabs accept credit cards?

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They should have a specific flat rate to each of the three airports. Call a cab company based in the area and ask. This rate will not include the toll for the Holland Tunnel, so be sure to take $8 extra for that. Yes, all cabs accept credit cards. Use the yellow cabs, not the black (livery) cabs – they are kinda sketchy. Limo/town car services can be ok and sometimes have better rates.

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1. To Manhattan, not from Manhattan.
2. Newark-based cabs all take cards, too? Not just NYC ones?
3. Newark to NYC is metered, not flat-rate.

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1. Same difference.
2. Yes. If you doubt this is the case, just call a cab company.
3. It may be true that some are metered. However, I have personally received dozens of ads shoved under my door for flat rate rides to Newark. Therefore I remain steadfast in my claim that there are flat-rate cab services.

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3. Are these available at the airport, or do I need to call ahead?

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You shouldn’t need to call ahead for a cab. They are constantly circling. You shouldn’t have trouble at a time like 10:30 am. If you want a town car you will have to call.

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From Frommers:
“From Newark: The dispatcher for New Jersey taxis gives you a slip of paper with a flat rate ranging from $30 to $38 (toll and tip extra), depending on where you’re going in Manhattan, so be precise about your destination. New York yellow cabs aren’t permitted to pick up passengers at Newark. The yellow-cab fare from Manhattan to Newark is the meter amount plus $15 and tolls (about $69—$75, perhaps a few dollars more with tip). Jersey taxis aren’t permitted to take passengers from Manhattan to Newark.

Read more here.

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Go to google and look up Newark Airport Shuttle. It might be cheaper. There is a lot to pick from. However I hate to tell you there is a huge snow storm that is hitting Virginia right now and will be hitting New York and Jersey tomorrow. All flights here have been cancelled for today and tomorrow, so you may want to check with your airlines. Even if you fly in, you may not be able to get a cab except to some local hotel. Look up your flight to see if it has been cancelled. Good Luck.

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There’s a train now, if you don’t mind wrestling with your luggage through the subway once you’re in Manhattan. The cab won’t be cheap… my guesstimate was right up with the ~$70 from @aprilsimnel‘s post. Shuttles may be available at the airport, they do that in Philly.

BTW, it’s snowing here, so safe travels!

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Easy! I definitely prefer use shared shuttles link, they are cheaper, but you need to booked it before you land. That service to NYC Airport it´s a good one.

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