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Could you skate on the other side of the ice?

Asked by agentusername (41points) February 27th, 2008
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Could you swim in the air?

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Do you mean upside-down?

No I believe you would sink, drown, and/or freeze.

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i think he means stricly the other side of the ice, not while underwater… like if you could flip it over. and if so . . . i dunnno [:

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I think the first half inch would be slushy and get harder as you get to the surface

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I mean under the water with diving gear and more than likely floats attached to your skates

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Woah, that’s an amazing question. I have no idea.

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Not like you can the normal way. Water resistance is much greater than air resistance, and trying to walk through it will bleed off practically all of your momentum. You’d also need more than your weight in ballast to get you an upward force the opposite of gravity. Also, as riprock96 suggests, the underside of the ice may not be as flat and even as the top side. So, I guess it depends on how much like it will satisfy you.

Maybe try roller skating on a ceiling and work your way up from there until you’re happy. ;-)

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took that question from Steven wrigth thot I’d thro it in There to c wat u thot

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