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What other notable figures have "coincidental" names related to their notoriety?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) December 21st, 2009

Not pseudonyms or stage names (and certainly not porn names!)

Names like:
Tiger Woods – golf
Neel Kashkari (cash carry) – US bank bailout architect
Bernie Madoff (made off) – ponzi schemer
Michael Pollan (pollen) – food/ecology writer (assuming that’s not a pseudonym)
Did you hear Tiger Woods is changing his name?
Soon he’ll be known as Cheetah Woods.
Oh… I suppose we’ll also have to eliminate names from days of yore (when your surname was your occupation or something).

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We have a Dr. Payne in town.

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I can’t think of any notable people but my brothers doctor when he had knee surgery was Dr. Human and we thought that was kind of cool.

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Just about everyone in the credits list for Car Talk.

What do you mean, they aren’t real people?!

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This question may or may not lead to some Jew stereotypes.

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Donald Trump

he knows how to play his cards right!

great question Kevbo

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sorry for the double post, but it is too late to edit

Andy Dick

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Clint Eastwood

Rearrange the letters in his name to form “old west action”.

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Holy snap @DominicX. This is amazing.

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Kid Rock – Amazing coincidence as he performs rock and roll music.
Busta Rhymes – This one is truly amazing. I mean he really busts a rhyme.
Cedric the Entertainer – This one is my favorite. Cedric “entertains” us with his stand-up comedy.

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@AstroChuck I don’t think that those are their real… oh, nevermind. I can’t break a 6-year-old’s heart. Good finds!

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@DominicX mel gibson = bong smile

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