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Who would you resurrect, and why?

Asked by dalepetrie (18007points) December 21st, 2009

Of all the people from history, musicians, actors, scientists, writers…whatever, someone of note who died before his or her time, and you somehow were given the power to magically bring one back, who would it be. Here’s how it would work.

Basically whomever you picked has to be someone who died too young for whatever reason, someone who you believe had something left to offer the world. And your choice would result in that person never having died when they did. Basically whatever event brought on that person’s death never would have happened, and that person would be allowed to live the rest of his or her natural life (even if by now that person would be dead anyway).

To give you an example of what I’m thinking, I’d probably resurrect Kurt Cobain. The reason is that even though I think the Beatles were the best band ever, they had been broken up for 10 years when John Lennon died and as much as I like his solo work, it didn’t stack up to the Beatles, and I don’t think even if they’d gotten back together at some point between 1980 and when George died, I doubt they would have been able to come up with anything as glorious as they made in the 60s.

But Nirvana was still actively working together at the time of Cobain’s death, and I believe that each Nirvana album was a quantum leap beyond their previous effort. I feel like with every album they released, it advanced music by a couple of decades. And I believe that if they had been allowed to continue and make albums as long as the Beatles did, their overall influence on future music could have even given the Beatles a run for their money. I can only imagine not only the great additional Nirvana music we’d have today, but all the great music that would have been inspired by what they never got a chance to do.

That’s my opinion…what’s yours? Who would you bring back, and why?

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Mozart. He died at age 34, and we never got to hear a mature ouvre.

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Jesus Christ !! Just to freak him out as he’ll look at me and say Hey ! Why did you do that,I could’ve done it on my own Plus this is not the time I had chosen !!

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River Phoenix.

He was such a great actor and I would have loved to see more of his work.

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You had to limit me to just one resurrection. If I had unlimited power to resurrect those who died too young, I would use it to bring back those who died unjustly of violent deaths. The kids from the Columbine shooting, Virginia Tech, and so forth. But when you limit me to one miracly, my mind begins to tremble at the responsibility. If there is an afterlife, what would I say to all those I passed over?

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Freddie Mercury.

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My father. Because I adored him, because I miss him so much, because I was a daddy’s girl to the very end, even in middle age. Maybe it’s selfish, maybe I should resurrect someone who could have a greater impact on the greater good, but he was an incredibly smart and clever man, though I may be a little biased. Who knows what he might be able to accomplish, if I was able to resurrect him in the prime of his physical and mental abilities. And he was a scientist, a physical chemist, so I think he fits into one of your categories. And he had at least 6 patents registered under his name so I think that qualifies as “of note.” At least in my opinion. You may not agree, but that’s my answer.

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My grandfather. He committed suicide when he was 50 right before I was born. He seems like he was a great guy and a phenominal fisherman and kidder. Anytime I am on the water I think of him and what it would have been like to hang with him just if he didn’t…

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John Keats. He died when he was 25, and in that short life was immortalised in literary history. I would love to see what he could have written given another 50 years.

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Lurve all the answers, thanks!

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freddie mercury, he died too early there must have been some mixup with the destiny train bookings

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I’d resurrect Sophie Lancaster, because I think that what happened to her is beyond unfair.

Of course this is a lame answer, because thousands of hundreds of people a day die to senseless violence, only that not every single one of these people gets “famous” because of it.
Also that it happened in modern society gave rise to the issue the world over, and her death is still “celebrated” today as a message on intolerance and senseless violence in and out of the Goth subculture, and trying to, somehow, put a stop to it, or at least making it known in every day life. If she hadn’t died, none of this would have happened, and while it’s heartwarming that so many people have reacted so positively regarding the circumstances, they’ll all agree that it was totally unfair…hence the events following her death. :/
Man do I sound like an idiot.
But there’s so much bs that goes on three guys one hammer that maybe I’d just pick some random person who died in a war, a gay bashing or to torture.
Would it make any difference? Probably not, but haha I denno, so I’d resurrect Moustapha Akkad so he could produce moar Halloween films and make em all slick like back in da day.

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Thomas Jefferson…. he is the only person in US history that had both the understanding of reality, and the intellect to save our country from the sorry mess that our corrupt politicians have put us in.

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I’d resurrect Jesus of Nazareth, that way he could set people straight on the fact that he was nothing more than a liberal rabbi.

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I do that every morning….and I don’t know why.

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Kamina, because I cried when he died

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My lady Meghan, she was taken far too young and deserved a full and happy life; besides the trauma it did to me in losing her.

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He’s only been gone for 6 months but he was a great singer and dancer. Michael Jackson. I grew up with him during Thriller and he was truly the best then. I wish people would have left him alone when he was alive. So he was different. If you have seen the TV movie “The Jacksons: An American Dream” then you would understand why that whole family is messed up. It is Joseph Jackson’s fault he’s a HORABLE father and I hope he reads this. When did being different become so bad? He wasn’t a child molester and that has been proven by the lying little brats that claimed he touched them. Those kids should ROT IN HELL for what they did to him. He was not gay he was just different and why is that such a bad thing? Must we all be caron coppies of eachother? Ok well I have ranted on and on for long enough. That is who I would resurrect.

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@FireMadeFlesh, I totally agree. Keats or John Coltrane; both made significant contributions to their fields and produced beautiful works.

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Albert Einstein. Just think what he could do with the knowledge we have today!

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Anne Frank-GA.
John Lennon. I am certain he would have had a lot more song to offer the world with his genius. I always cry when I see his story on tv. Imagine.
Ben Franklin. Woudn’t it be wonderful to see more inventions? Hear him address Obama?
And soon, Michael Douglas. I loved to see his acting.
My dear friend, Sheila. So unique, nice and funny.

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I would bring back my little girlfriend who died in a senseless car accident at age 14. I don’t imagine it would make much difference to mankind or to the teeming masses, but her lost years are more important to me than all these celebrities.

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My grandfather, Paul. And Kurt Cobain. Or Jim Morrison.

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Jesus Christ been there, done that, so I would pass him up. Freedie M. as been covered. I guess I would bring back Heath Ledger, I think he could have been the next Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Russell Crow, etc of this age. I think he was about to ride a big wave after “The Dark Knight”, but we never got to see it.

Given the choice to bring anything back, I would bring back my mother because cancer took her too soon, and if not her, my beloved Splotch, who didn’t even get a year on this Planet.

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