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Any advice for a full body cleanse / detox?

Asked by minolta (328points) December 22nd, 2009

I want to detox my whole internal system so I can regain my health and live healthier.

Any advice?

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Nothing but raw foods for a week and a half.
Makes you crave more plants and detest the taste of processed, (sugar/hfcs)-filled, and chemical products. And LOTS of water.

Or Ayahuasca. not joking

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Your body naturally detoxifies itself. Nothing you buy to “detox” you is likely to have any real effect. I suggest plenty of water, lots of fiber, and plenty of exercise.

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Eat a variety of foods, including plenty of fruit, vegetables, grains and water.
Don’t smoke. Don’t take recreational drugs. Don’t get drunk. (Yes, I know alcohol is a recreational drug, but it’s legal and doesn’t cause you legal problems).

“Detoxifying” is popular pseudoscience, mostly from people who want to sell you something.

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Eat your Greens and Whole Grains and lots of water, AVOID sugar,hydrogenated fats and chemicals and your body will tune itself up and your energy will Rise!

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I watched some kind of news investigative show where they had doctors and nutritionists talking about several brands of detox products. They said most contained fiber, laxatives, and some herbs. These are things you can get from your diet at ⅓ cost. the specialists gave a thumbs down to all detox products.

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Consider taking a few supplements like green tea extract, or you can simply drink green tea, and cinnamon. 100% Pomegranite juice will certainly clean out your system. Try drinking 150 mL of it each day.

Whenever possible try eating organic foods and be sure to drink water, almost a gallon a day. Your cells need high quality protein, which comes from lean meats like chicken/turkey breast. Try to consume two fish meals each week as well

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You can create your own detox potion.

Grab a bottle of water, drink ⅔ of the water.
Pour in a couple of ounces of cranberry juice.
Add 2 tsps of ground flax seed
Add ground or minced ginger
Add a squirt of lemon juice
Add as little / as much cayenne pepper as you can stand
Let this sit overnight, and drink it first thing in the morning, every morning.

Stevia is key. Another detox key is to remove all sweeteners from your diet. No Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low, or other sugar substitutes. These are shown to cause many problems, especially water retention.

Stevia is an extract, not a sweetener and you can begin to switch to it instead of sweeteners and your body will detox from the other sugars.

Drink your body weight in water (ounces)

Eat oatmeal for breakfast and make sure to eat lots of green veggies and fibrous fruits, like apples.

If you need a good colon cleanse, try Chinese Weight Loss tea. It’s not as hokey as it sounds, it contains the herb Senna which will make you go to the bathroom within 12 hours. Just be prepared for it.

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100% Cranberry and prune juice.

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