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What is a reputable service provider for registering a domain name?

Asked by HungryGuy (16014points) December 22nd, 2009

Google shows me lots of organizations that will register a domain name for under $10, but I want to use a reputable one that won’t disappear overnight and cause me to lose my domain name.

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@Blondesjon – Really? Okay, they’re at the top of the Google list as it is! So GoDaddy it is! Thanks :-)

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GoDaddy supports torture.

Fuck them.

I use for my hosting and domain stuff. I am happy so far.

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@johnpowell . . . That’s a bit knee jerk isn’t it? I think Go Daddy supports making money by accepting whatever business comes their way. I really don’t think they condone state sponsored torture.

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@johnpowell – Thanks! I was just on the verge of going to GoDaddy when your answer came up. I’l go check out asmallorange. How long have they been in business?

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He put a link on the frontpage of godaddy to his blog. It was like 9/11 porn. He (Bob Parsons) basically called for the torture of every brown person.

He removed it very quickly. Fuck them. They will never get my money.

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And if you need any help with asmallorange I will help.

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@johnpowell – Thanks :-)
But for now, I just want to nab a domain name without buying any hosting. It’s going to be a year or more before I get anything resembling a “prime time” web site up and running. In fact, I’d rather host it myself and just have their DNS server point to my IP. If it becomes a successful site and I need gobs of bandwith, then I’ll look into commercial hosting. From their start page, it looks like asmallorange is mainly a web hosting service, no?
BTW, Google lists the following as the top domain name registration providers:
. (Though they don’t actually register domains for people)

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I’ve used for 4 or 5 years now. Bought hundreds of them through it:

Blondesjon's avatar is also pretty decent and they only require you to club one baby seal a year.

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Go Daddy is the cheapest and the best, but use another hosting provider.

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A while ago, GoDaddy had a $1 domain name registration deal going on (99BUYCOM was the code) but I’m not sure if that’s still in effect anymore.

But if you’re against GoDaddy for ethical reasons….

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@johnpowell – I may take you up on your offer to help me with asmallorange at some point as I’ve heard some good things about them. But for now, I just wanted to nab my domain name so it doesn’t get scoffed up while I’m developing my site and designing my graphics and everything. That would suck to finish my site and then discover that my name got grabbed in the meantime.
All – I decided to use Network Solutions—here’s how I decided. I did a whois search on a number of large sites like and I noticed they all use Network Solutions. I don’t want to lose my domain if the company disappears overnight, and I know they’ve been around for a while, so they seemed like a good idea even if they’re not the cheapest on the block. When my site is ready (in about a year or so), I can pick whoever I want to host it and move the registration there as well…

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