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Can someone explain what a missing files host is (on Google/Blogger)?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) September 14th, 2010

I just moved my blog (Blogspot) to a domain name. I now have to choose where I want a “missing files host” or not…before I can complete the transfer to the new domain name. (I am not tech savvy.) It says:

If you specify a missing files host, Blogger will look there if it cannot find a specified file on your regular domain (have no clue what this means?)

I am supposed to enter it like this (where the x’s are):

http://xxxxxxxxx .Idon’

Your missing files host must be a subdomain in the same domain as your blog.

Okay, I don’t understand what I am supposed to put in the “x” spot or what a missing files host is/does, nor what a subdomain is.

Should I sign up for this or not? I had a blogspot address before as in : www.idon' and now am shifting over to a plain domain name: www.idon'

Can someone—-please please please——explain this to me and what I should do? In clear steps? If I click “no” to missing files host what would happen?

I would appreciate any information and/or help. Thanks so much!

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If someone tries to get a file on your blog and the file isn’t on the regular server, this server (the “missing files host”) is where your main server will look next for the file. Here is a link to a help file that explains it for Blogger.

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@DarlingRhadamanthus, Good question.
I understand where you are coming from.
It is unclear as to how to handle this.
Even in the help pages, it is not always clear to everyone.
If we do not have a full understanding of the terminology and how it works it is like talking to a pet and understand what their meow or bark means.

I am going to seek out a good tutorial or step by step with images to help with this.
If you have found the answer please do reply.

Note: I have followed the link posted in the comment, but am not taken to answer, only to the help page.

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