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Holiday CSS themes - when and what?

Asked by clearhythm (37points) December 22nd, 2009

Anyone worth half their salt in CSS has used CSS to do site skinning and loves it. The holidays are one of the best opportunities to add a bit of site magic using CSS.

Despite some extensive web searching, I couldn’t answer a more general question. Which holidays do popular sites like to skin around? ... And what dates are best for adding and removing those themes to match users’ expectations? Let’s ask the collective!

a) When do you tend to add and remove your winter holiday theme?
b) What other seasons and holidays do you like to theme around? What are you preferred start / end dates to add / remove those themes?
c) Does anyone have any best practice data from popular b2c sites like and

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We change things around when we feel like it, or when a user gives us a compelling reason to (as I explained in this blog post).

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I added a holiday theme here..

I spent a few drunk afternoon hours making it. I reverted once I saw the horrors that my PBR powered fingers created.

I’m not even happy with how it is now.

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As a Web developer focused on eCommerce, I am surprised that so few of our clients contact us to give their sites a seasonal theme. Of course, all our sites have a content manager and some clients actually learn CSS themselves. We set it up so the ones that do have full access to the files that control their site so they can modify the colors and background images at will.

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