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Would I be able to recharge my new Flip camcorder with my iPhone wall charger?

Asked by jambon_777 (37points) December 22nd, 2009
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Try and see if the charger fits into the camcorder. But, it may not be safe. Just to let you know.

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Oooh…don’t try that. There are several things that need to match up in order to use interchangeably; Voltage (5V is usually the standard), Amps (the current, which does vary from device to device, usually in milliamps), and the polarity of the plug. Mess up any one of those three, and you’ll be looking for a new camcorder ;)

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@sndfreQ Alright thanks! I wont do it. :P

@Freedom_Issues yes it fits. It’s USB.

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If it have the right voltage and amperage than yes. Just look in the manual for the required amount. I believe iPods use around 500 miliamps

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Because the flipcam and the iphone are both USB, that means they are both the same standard USB 5V. USB devices that charge off the USB cord are supposed to monitor their own charging and shut off the juice when the battery is charged. The USB cable is just a 5V DC supply in that case.
So if your connector fits the worst that will happen is that it will charge slowly.

I suspect the iPhone charger can supply all the current (mA) needed for full-speed fliphone charge.

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