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What are there so many ridiculous questions on Fluther over the past 24 hours?!

Asked by joshisradd (238points) February 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Its really annoying! I’ve never seen this many questions on here, and 97% of them are so annoying.

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The iPhone recently introduced fluther for iPhone. Many people are adding it just for fun and do not take it seriously.

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I agree. They are all those I want you to look something up FOR me question. I see where youknowconnor is coming from but like joshisradd said its ridiculous! Hopefully they will change the way they look at thus site and ask questions when they need help or advice or have an interesting thought with merit.

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@theredjawa: Excuse me? I happen to be a teenager, and have been a devoted member of this site nearly since it began.

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@Tali: you only pretend to be a teenager: you are really one giant brain. (Have you turned 17 yet? I always had trouble believing that you were only 16).

But it is true that many of the recent questioners miss the point of the best use of the collective’s wisdom. We are being asked to do a lot of homework, research, check out the porn scene and other timewasting activities. This too shall pass, I hope. And aren’t there other more appropriate sites for moronic questions?

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@Gail, You are possibly one of the sweetest people I have ever made contact with (online or in person). Thank you. And yes, I am 16. My birthday is May 6.

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We came out to the world with very little knowledge and that’s the greatness of human being: the capability of learning. So questionning is the first step of understanding. Is not because a question seems stupid to you that it is!

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@DS Let me restate stupid as simple questions that can be awnsered with a google search. Half of these questions are just asked to be a nuisance. “where do babies come from” ??? We are not entertainers or a search engine. And you say you value learning when these waist our time from important logical questions.

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Here Here
I agree with joshisradd

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Joshisradd to answer your statement . It’ the concept of chatting which I pretty much assimilate to dialoguing maybe those people are lonely and is their way to “speak” to stranger. The second part is we all notice the stupidest is somehow somebody who got attention straight away .

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