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Does it make any sense to keep clothes you can't fit anymore?

Asked by Haleth (19504points) December 22nd, 2009

I heard once (probably on Fluther) that the average woman has $400 in clothes that don’t fit anymore. Since last year, I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 12, sometimes 14 depending on the garment. I have so many great clothes that fit me last year but don’t anymore, like cute vintage dresses, a velvet blazer, and a tomato-red wool coat with ruffles on the hem. I’d wear all this stuff today if I could still get into it, but it’s been at least six months and I haven’t lost the weight yet. Is it holding onto false hope to keep this stuff around? If you hold onto clothes that don’t fit, how do you rationalize it, and how long do you keep them?

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It is never false hope! I keep my too small clothes in conpicuous view hoping for encouragement from them!

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My size goes up and down, so I keep everything within my average 20 lb range.

I used to keep things that didn’t fit in a separate drawer, so I didn’t have to go through everything every day to decide what to wear, but things have gotten a little disorganized, and I have about 3 pairs of pants that are a size too big that just keep cycling through the laundry, so I’m walking around looking like a hooligan. My boss even said something to me about it once, like “Chica, those pants are falling off of you, is that how they’re supposed to fit?” I goodwilled that pair in no time flat.

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If you have clothes that you have no reasonable expectation of fitting again – sell them or better still donate them.

If they have sentimental value, take a nice photo of them and donate them so someone else can make great memories in them

Clutter is a burden that can take over your life.

Selling clothes you paid a lot of money for a a garage sale is demoralizing.
Donating they makes you feel good.

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No, but I do it anyway. You never know. Some of the clothes I have that I can’t fit into anymore I really like. Maybe someday. But no, I don’t think it makes any sense.

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I would say get rid of them. I’ve held onto clothes where I was thinking “oh I’m going to lose the weight and fit back into these”. Maybe I would be able to briefly, but probably looked silly trying to squeeze into them. If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, get rid of it. It will probably be outdated the next time you are able to fit into it. You can always find cute clothes…styles change all the time and new things keep coming out.

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@Freedom_Issues: Wow, I definitely have clothes I’ve been wearing on and off for 7 or 8 years, and if you saw me you would be none the wiser.

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We’re all sure we will be that size again.

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One or two sizes up or down should be saved for at least 18 months, especially if you really like them. It’s when you have size 4 and 6 in the closet and you’re wearing a 12 or 14 that the purge should begin. Then, if you get down to a 6 again, you deserve a new wardrobe.

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eBay is a great place for both buying and selling gently used clothes. If you have things that aren’t something you love that are cluttering up your closet, you can sell them on and maybe buy a thing or two in your current size. Keep the quality stuff and the stuff you love, but let the rest go.

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Depends, if you like wear the clothes you had at 8, when you are 20, then it might be a problem.. lol

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YES! I keep stuff that’s too big and too small. The bigger stuff is more for a future pregnancy, but the smaller stuff in case I ever lose 15 pounds

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It makes perfect sense. I have come down almost 2 full sizes in the last six months…I wish I had some clothes to fit into.

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not if you realistically think you will be able to fit into them soon. if not, they’re just taking up space.

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If you have the space and really like the clothes, just keep ‘em. There’s really no harm in my opinion! If there’s any other reason to get rid of them (you never really liked it, or there’s a rip/stain) then it’s time to donate.

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I have issues with giving certain clothes away, but if I dislike them and know they will never fit again…I get rid of them.
I’m in the “child bearing” phase, so I’m always fluctuating, so I keep everything in bins for maternity, post partum, and the skinny me. lol

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I just had a bonfire, but for an entirely different reason. I never wanted to see those uniforms again. If there is no reasonable expectation that you will ever wear the stuff again, get rid of the things so they don’t lay a guilt trip on you.

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I think the best idea is to look at what you’re holding on to. I’ve fluctuated through many sizes and I know what’s replaceable and what isn’t. Things like white button down blouses you don’t need to hold onto because they’ll always be available. Vintage frocks that you look excellent in, hold onto! Also, unique items that are in good condition and that you wore all the time, keep. Jeans can be replaced, black pants can be replaced but that sweater that hugged your figure great and that was the perfect shade to offset your eyes probably cannot be replaced.

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I have kept clothes that don’t fit in anymore in the hopes of getting back into them. I do sometimes get back into some of them for a while when I am eating healthy and exercising. If they go way out of style, then I finally get rid of them. What I am more likely to be guilty of is waiting too long to buy new clothes in my new bigger size, because I don’t want to accept that I might be at that size for a while.

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@JLeslie I am wearing such awful stuff because I gained fast and refuse to spend money because I am not staying here!!

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@faye at some point I usually give in to be comfortable and have a few decent outfits. I hate spending the money also.

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@JLeslie I was forced[!] to buy someting decent for the in-laws tomorrow-the son’s!! Clearance rack.

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As souvenirs, yes. I have a bunch of T-shirts from projects I worked on and places I worked at that make me smile when I see them.

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Get rid of them and embrace the new you! Buy something new that you LOVE and don’t feel guilty. . .YOU are worth it!!!

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