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Job: Money and bored or less but excitment?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) December 24th, 2009

If you were offered a job promotion but the position was just one the company had to fill for whatever reason but is had no importance and the work was dull. So dull watching paint peel would almost be better, however, you would earn 32% more than you earn now. Or would you rather be promoted to a job that had high importance, you had to work like a dog because of the work load. The job hardly has any 2 days a like so there is always something exciting or different going on, but it was only 4% more than what you now earn. Which job position would you go for or accept?

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Mine is boring and less money.

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money and bored beats less and bored

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I always preferred high structure, the boring parts can be filled in with other interests. What you describe sounds much like the Army. The higher you go (up to a point) the less work there is to do, since it can all be delegated away.. The only critical point is having reliable people under you. I hit my “Peter Priniciple Point” at O-7 and bailed out. Fortunately I can now choose my activities based on interest rather than economic need.

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Anyone who can’t figure out how to make their job more interesting doesn’t deserve the higher pay.

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I would go for excitement.

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Although the purpose of going to work is to earn money, money in the long run isn’t everything. It would depend if the next level of advancement would lead to better things. Is the more money position boring because of the work itself, or the way the job’s been done in the past? Conversely, does the position with the lower salary afford opportunities and career-building skills that will be of benefit down the road? Personal responsibilities also have to be factored in. A parent without an extended childcare support network might not be able to afford to work more hours for less pay.

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The latter.

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I’ll be bored for more money. It suits me fine.

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For me, it is not about the money. It is about having something interesting to do.

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I can’t promote myself, I’m as high as I can get.. lol. But I guess I could give myself a cooler job title. Maybe I’ll promote myself to emperor of the world.

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I’m can only do boring stuff and it happens to pay well…
I’d go with less money and what I really want right away if it was available )-:

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It depends on if you are like @Only138 and boring work is something you can do without losing your mind. For me I have found that if my work is boring me I will start to doze and day dream, so I need stimulation otherwise I risk being found asleep in my office.

Also if the work that interests you has room for promotion then who’s to say you won’t make more money after a little time.

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“watching paint peel would almost be better, however, you would earn 32% more than you earn now.”

When do I start?

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I would take the money because I work to take my money and live, I’m not concerned much with how I get the money. Because of my responsibilities to others and the need to restabilize myself, I don’t entertain the options of really enjoying a job. If I were in the position where all else was pretty secure for me and taking the lesser amount of money would still afford me what I want to do outside of my job then yes, I’d take the exciting job but it’s very unlikely for most people to ever have that situation really happen.

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@drClaw LOL LOL I have been there, and I did get caught sleeping just not by the boss whew That would have been ugly. But if the job was unimportant in a great a mount maybe no one would miss you and you could wonder off and do other things.

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I have an exiting job some times it gets frustrating but I am constantly getting new cliental and meeting new people. The world of Graphic Design is taking me to places both mentally and physically. Some jobs force me to think outside of the box as well as out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it is a good thing others not so good. All in all the good out way the bad by far and the pay could be more but still pretty good.

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