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Is it possible for a plane get vaporized entirely after a crash?

Asked by Sebulba (892points) December 24th, 2009

On 9/11 USA witnessed a so called “terrorist” attack including a plane crash on the pentagon and on Shanksville.
The official explanation is that the intense heat from the jet fuel vaporized the entire plane (60 tons 747) on both places including seats, luggage,2 Rolls Royce engines 6 tons each made from titanium and steal. We argued on my previous question about the jet fuel burn temperature and how it weakened the steal. Now we see it can even vaporize it! On the pics from the pentagon we see only bricks and limestone after the crash. We only see some agents carry small pieces in their hands. After all this the government stated that the bodies were able to be identified either by their fingerprints or DNA! What kind of fire vaporizes a plane and leaves the bodies untouched? The relatives if the passengers of course asked the same question themselves and asked the government to give them the videos from security cameras (80 videos) that FBI agents confiscated immediately. The department of Justice has to this day refused to release them.
Now on Shanksville you can see nothing on the crash site except for a hole on the ground. Mr Wally Miller (Somerset County Coroner) stated that “It looked like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped trush on it” and also added “I stopped being a coroner after about 20 minutes,because there were no bodies there.“Now i will not give you links to plane crashes photos cause there is not even one crash ever that you don’t see wrecks.Just want your opinion on what happened.I preffer a technical established answer.Not the “you are a conspiracy theorist” answer.I am not a conspiracy theorist.I see whatever was shown to the public and put it together.Thanks for reading this

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No it’s not possible for a plane to vaporize. Read about that, and it all seems weird, but I am sure there is a mundane explanation for that crash.

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Highly unlikely. No matter how hot the flames from the jet fuel, debris would have been scattered before the burning occurred. Even if the plane hit the ground in a full-power vertical nosedive, there would be pieces left, albeit small. Somebody is trying to bullshit the troops here.

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I think its entirely posible for a plane to break up into very small pieces.
If you watch this it shows quite clearly how this can happen.

But I think its quite evident that the shanksville plane was shot down, the are eye witness accounts of mid air explosions, and the fact that the wreckage was stroon over a few square miles is a bit suspect to say the least.

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If there was no crash what happened to all of the people on board?

excellent vid Paza

Also, in regard to this: _“It looked like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped trush on it” _ How was this hole made that someone dumped trash in? No one seemed to see anyone make the hole so how was it made if not by an aircraft that vaporized?

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@Pazza this is a much smaller plane crashing on a wall designed to absorb energy…

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@Seb: I am curious your theory (I can ask in a different thread if you like) why anyone would bother creating the hole in Shanksville. what possibly could have been the purpose?

to your point about the small plane and the concrete wall designed for absorbing such hits…the Pentagon was a concrete wall designed to withstand these types of hits…

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If nothing else survives, at least the engine parts will. They are designed to operate at higher temperatures than are present in any aircraft crash.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous if a say i have a theory here i’ll be called a conspiracy theorist. i can tell you what i believe privet

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If the Shankville plane was indeed shot down, why make a secret of it? The Air Force was just doing its job. They should have at least taken out the one that hit the Pentagon also. The F-16s scrambled from Otis AFB were actually recalled rather than having them intercept.

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Here is a photo of plane wreckage, with a detail of what part of the 757 it came from.
Theory debunked.

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Because nobody could have planted that now could they?

If you look at the front of the pentagon you see the hole, ok the mass of the fuselage created the hole, so why didn’t the wings do the same?

If you look at the twin towers the wings cut through the outer steel columns, yet we don’t see this at the pentagon.

I know, I was just pointing out that a plane can fragment but not vapourise.

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Does Obama love George W. Bush? Don’t you suppose that if there were even the HINT of a conspiracy Obama would have screamed it to the heavens?

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@filmfann haha! i’ve seen this piece of metal with other backrounds haha this is not real pic. just read the comments on your link and you’ll learn some things about this pic

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@CaptainHarley if i tell you that Obama serves the same people Bush served well and proved it in my opinion by sending more troops to Afghanistan now you’ll tell me i am naive… He may be a good person but this doesn’t matter. Above him are the same families that rule the country and the world for 100+ years now

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and @CaptainHarley why do you rely on Obama to scream something to you? you can judge for yourself! read my question details? what do you think happened? that is all i asked

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No,not possible.The engines of the plane are made out of alloys that gets melted at a temperature above 1,000 Degree celcius.Plane’s fuel can’t produce enough of temperature to do that.The aluminium body won’t melt completely by the buring up of fuel after crash.Certainly we are going to get a big pile of debris.
If the plane crashes in an erupting volcano,then I’ve nothing to say.

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Most aof an airplane’s body, frame and a good bit of the engines are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a readily oxidizable metal in the same cehmical family as magnesium. In extreme heat, aluminum can begin to burn (similarly to magnesium), and can even burn under water by stealing the oxygen from water.

If there were no planes involved in 9/11 as the tinfoil hat crowd insist, what happened to the four airliners we absolutely know took off that day, and to all the passengers and crew on board of them?

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@ETpro if i was orchestrating a conspiracy i’d take them down a deserted military area and shot their planes down. easy. the truth? i don’t know what happened to them. @Pazza suggests something for the Shanksville plane…

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“Don’t you suppose that if there were even the HINT of a conspiracy Obama would have screamed it to the heavens?”

Nope. He is now in the inner circle.

But, in this case there is no conspiracy.

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@Sebulba How many people would have to be in on such a conspiracy? All the nation’s air traffic controllers. They could plainly see the aircraft on radar. The entire military network that tracks flights would need to be complicit and remain utterly silent. Ditto all the military personnal who engineered the plane’s disappearance. Why is it some people will ONLY believe the most far-fetched, indcreibble conspiracy theory possible but will simultaneously reject out-of-hand a perfectly obvious, reasonable explanation is being absurd?

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The nations air traffic controllers and even more the jet fighters pilots were completely confused as in 9/11 there were many excersises conducted including many “highjacking” scenarios.The radars show many fake planes in that day for the purpuse of the scenarios.The average time for a fighter jet to get to any of the planes crashed that day would be 10 minutes naturally. On 9/11 it took 80 minutes

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The two planes that there aren’t good pre-impact imagery on are the pentagon and flight 93. At the WTC, there can be little doubt that two aircraft hit the buildings. Multiple points of view, and the black boxes recovered by the FBI indicate commercial aircraft impacts.

As for the Pentagon, debris was recovered inside the building, not a lot, but some of it. Here’s a photo of part of a RR engine from the Pentagon.

Shanksville, there were large pieces (and both flight recorders) recovered, including large portions of the engines. The biggest problem at Shanksville, with recovering parts, was that the plane was in a nose-dive, which caused it to break-up in air, so several large pieces struck the ground, not one large piece. Had it been shot down, (1) the Bush administration would have been heralding the bravery and commitment of the pilot, or (2) The debris would have been far more scattered than the bulk of it landing in the crater.

E.g.: China Airlines 006 which managed to not break up, but would have been very little left when it hit. And this one where an admittedly small A-7 nose-dived into a California apartment building, leaving very few remains of the pilot or the craft.

At WTC, the 60-tons of airliner was melted, much probably vaporized in the collapse (Flakes of primed steel were found in the dust cloud—there was 160,000 tons of steel in WTC1 & WTC2, and only 120 tons of airplane).

This article explains the largest airplane part found (as of Sept 22, was half a meter long).

Collection of photos of Airplane parts from WTC and more here including engine parts.

Crew manual, etc. from Flight 93 (Yes, could have been planted)

And this one , from a random person driving by the Pentagon (the plane clipped a light pole and dropped this into her back seat)

Very nice scholarly article detailing the events of Flight 93

And this list, from this website

From the lists above, 136 people saw the plane approach the Pentagon, and

104 directly saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

6 were nearly hit by the plane in front of the Pentagon. Several others were within 100–200 feet of the impact.

26 mentioned that it was an American Airlines jet.

39 others mentioned that it was a large jet/commercial airliner.

2 described a smaller corporate jet. 1 described a “commuter plane” but didn’t mention the size.

7 said it was a Boeing 757.

8 witnesses were pilots. One witness was an Air Traffic Controller and Pentagon tower Chief.

2 witnesses were firefighters working on their truck at the Pentagon heliport.

4 made radio calls to inform emergency services that a plane had hit the Pentagon.

10 said the plane’s flaps and landing gear were not deployed (1 thought landing gear struck a light pole).

16 mentioned seeing the plane hit light poles/trees, or were next to to the poles when it happened. Another 8 mentioned the light poles being knocked down: it’s unknown if they saw them hit.

42 mentioned seeing aircraft debris. 4 mentioned seeing airline seats. 3 mentioned engine parts.

2 mentioned bodies still strapped into seats.

15 mentioned smelling or contacting aviation/jet fuel.

3 had vehicles damaged by light poles or aircraft debris. Several saw other occupied vehicles damaged.

3 took photographs of the aftermath.

Many mentioned false alarm warnings of other incoming planes after the crash. One said “3–4 warnings.”

And of course,

0 saw a military aircraft or missile strike the Pentagon.

0 saw a plane narrowly miss the Pentagon and fly away.

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Do I keep having to mention Hitler, I’m going to start sounding like a broken record!
There are already a lot of people who have died under strange circumstances eg. a reporter who was on the lawn of the pentagon in the aftermath of 911 on the day of the attacks who quite clearly stated that there was no plane wreckage on the lawn, he in later weeks retracted his statement, then he died.

As Eddie Izzard pointed out Hitler was “a mass murdering fuckhead”, clearly a sociopath of the highest order, so how did he manage to keet his whole country in line, well he staged a “FALSE FLAG” terror incident by burning down his own parliment building and then blaming it on a polish patsy, and then hanging the poor fucker, he then implemented “Fartherland Secuity” (heard that somewhere before!), he also past a patriot act amongst other legislation all on the back of this incident, anyone who questioned this stuff was then arrested under anti terror legislation and held indefinately without trial, whilst all their brethren scorned them for not being patriotic and not getting behind the fuhrer, so all he needed was a few other sociopaths under him to carry out his dirty work and create enough fear in the public of arrest that everyone towed the line.

Of course not everyone towed the line, hense the resistance, but they had to be underground.

False flags go on all the time:
Gulf of tonkin incident.
1990 WTC attack.
Pearl harbour (not a false flag, but entirely provoked)
Titanic sister ship sunk by german u-boats (not a false flag, but sending that ship where it went, please!)

Also documents showing think tanks that come up with ideas for false flags:
1962 – Operation Northwoods.

Wakey wakey!..........

Its time to start arresting these people!

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Question, how did the plane get that low to the ground at that speed?

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There were bombs that went off in the basements of the twin towers before the plane hit the top of them.

Either it was an inside job, or someone snuck through the CIA headquarters to plant bombs in a highly secured building.

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All those accounts I presume are from the MSM.

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“There’s a sucker born every minute.” – P. T. Barnum

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Do you think they’l still let you all use fluther in those fema pens?~

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Irrelevant. I’ll either be dead, or FEMA will be history. : )

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@Pazza MSM? Military Service Men? Several of the accounts were from random bystanders, but I don’t trust eyewitness testimony regardless, just thought it was a nice statistic.

Per the flight data recorder, Flight 93 was going 490kts at impact—490kts is around maximum cruise speed at altitude. In a near-vertical dive with engines at 70% thrust, there’s no reason you couldn’t go that fast starting from

Flight 175 at least dropped around 20k feet in the last couple miles before impact, so easily could have been keeping their speed up in the denser air by gravity gains.

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@grumpyfish i don’t want to be always negative to your answers but I’ll have to for one more time.You say 136 people saw the plane crash at the pentagon. If a big light appears in the woods 136 people will say they saw a UFO. The only thing that can convince me and all the people of the world is the 80 videos from the security cameras of the nearby buildings which FBI agents confiscated immediately after the plane crash.Damaged light poles? From the pictures i see there are no damaged light poles just after the crash.I am very carefull though about all the pictures from the pentagon crash cause most of them are like the fake one @filmfann gave us a link to at the start of this discusion. And all these numbers…
42 mentioned they were horny after the crash
3 mentioned they were buying bubblegum when it happened
21 mentioned they saw FBI agents play domino just before the crash
To whom all these people mentioned these things? To reporters? To FBI agents?

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@Sebulba No worries about being negative about my answers—for the most part I’m taking the opposite side to you in the argument. I agree that the 136 eyewitnesses are weak evidence—particularly since the numbers & testimony is that reported by the FBI.

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Finally modds don’t allow me to post any more questions only use the chatroom.Thanks everyone

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9/11 was controlled demolition. I have no doubt at all. I know several structural engineers and have worked with some high steel myself and the concensus is definitely pulled.

The “war on terror” was manufactured to be a never ending war. Muslims were the scapegoats to get troops in the middle east and scare the US sheep into giving up their rights.It worked only too well. Not only did they give them up but nearly insisted they be taken. The people who think it was not an inside job are these same naive psuedo-patriots. The ones that still think they can affect change by voting.

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the planes were not completely vaporized, at least one of the engines of the plane from the first crash went all the way through the building and killed a woman standing on Murray Street a couple blocks north. You see that streak that bursts out of the first fireball and keeps going? That was an engine.

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