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If everyday could be like Christmas, would this be a better World?

Asked by Cotton101 (3434points) December 24th, 2009

Think there was a song on that subject, but how true. When you give of yourself, you are a better person, and makes for a better community and a better World. Do find this to be true?

Do you feel Christmas is a spirit of giving, fun, great songs, love, etc. or just another holiday that is too commercialized?

Thought this song would be applicable about my feeling about Christmas!

Enjoy! Maybe, the best Christmas song I’ve ever heard! Would very much like to share this song with my Fluther friends!

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When you see Christmas decorations out before Thanksgiving, it seems to me someone is pushing the holidays. This year I even saw stuff out at Halloween time.

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hey Flo, did you watch the video? gosh, gave me goose bumps!

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no, life would be stressful all of the time and i would be broke all of the time. no thanks!

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Absolutely. It’s the happiest time of the year.

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Yes and no. No because there seem to be more traffic accidents and cranky people. Yes for the obvious reasons.

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@Cotton101 I did indeed watch the video.

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@Flo_Nightengale Certainly agreed with answer!

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@kevbo understood Kev! you would be correct also!

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If Christmas was celebrating in the true meaning, then I would love to have Christmas everyday. Unfortunately it leaves alot of people stressed and depressed.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

No. I would be permanently depressed.

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@pearls lots of people are real high or real low…personally, I’m somewhere in the middle!

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@Cotton101 Well, maybe once you are with your family you will feel better.

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@pearls well Pearls, my son and family are not coming..they will not be here until after Christmas…probably late Dec or early Jan…we will celebrate then..

on Christmas Day, will eat lunch with my mom at her assisted care home! we will have fun together…she is a hoot!

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@Cotton101 Spending Christmas this year with your mother will be special.

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Yes.I’d love to fight my grandmother on a daily basis!Merry Xmas! :))

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well, I feel better already! Hope everyone enjoyed the super video…if you did not watch it, you missed out.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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I sure love the concept of Christmas and all the Christmas cheer, but end up sort of void of it myself when the holiday actually comes around. I can’t be the only one who gets all melancholy on holidays.

…well, not VOID of Christmas cheer. Just less cheery than I could be. I really love giving gifts and mulled wine.

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I think most people would be broke if it was christmas everyday.

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No, me no likey

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I find Christmas pretty superficial. Like when John put the ugly side of the Christmas tree against the wall so people would only see the nice side and Garfield goes, it’s the spirit of Christmas!

I think not. Every day should be like Halloween instead.

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I love the holidays! The seemed to go by so quickly this year…

But if everyday was Christmas, the whole “holiday spirit” would depreciate. What’s special if it happens everyday?

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Christmas (as well as any other holiday) is no different from any of the other 364 days except for what we choose to make it. I don’t mean that Christmas isn’t special. It is. I just mean that ANY day can be as special as we want to make it for ourselves and others, even without gifts and decorated trees.

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@Austinlad good show Austinlad!

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Thanks, Cotton101! BTW, I freel the same way about my cat. Merry Christmas to you.

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hey, it ain’t easy Austin…know that you loved your cat like I loved Spunky!

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@Cotton101 -Aww—she wasn’t too bad ;)

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If every day had the same feelings of love and giving and caring and sharing it would feel like Christmas every single day. BUT not feel the need to buy someone something to make them feel the love. The stores make it more about buy buy buy and this diamond necklace will get you laid on Christmas Day. Or if you spend $3000 on a Cruise he will love you even more. That sort of thing makes Christmas undesireable to me. But I am a loving, giving, caring and sharing sort of person all year round. And I don’t have to buy anybody off to make myself or others feel that way.
Great Question my good friend!!! I lurve ya! and you don’t have to buy me a thing and I still lurve ya!

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@NUNYA Great answer my good friend! loll.Lurve ya!

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There’s more domestic violence on Christmas than usual. Christmas only makes sense if peace has a real meaning.

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