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If you dropped and broke 2 of your dinner plates, How many would you have left? What should I do with the remaining 6 plates?

Asked by NUNYA (3207points) December 25th, 2009

While getting plates out for the Christmas dinner this evening someone dropped 2 of them. They were part of an 8 piece set of a Christmas theme tableware. I am now down to 6 and will have to buy a new set. So if 2 of yours broke how many would you have left? What should I do with the remaining 6?

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Keep them to rotate in for smaller gatherings or for the kiddie table.

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Stop caring if plates match?

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just get on a china matching service and order the ones you dropped. easy.

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Buy new ones at Pier 1 tomorrow because they are having a sale! Haha…. sorry guys! :-/

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Use them when you have only six people at the table.

Check on eBay to see if you can buy some more of the same pattern, or with Replacements, Ltd. if it is “good” china.

Use them as serving plates and pair them with new, solid color or coordinating dinner plates.

Sell them in a garage sale and use the cash to help buy new ones.

Stop worrying about whether your plates match and just enjoy having the family all together.

Take the broken bits and use them to make frames for your annual Christmas photo.

Oh and in answer to your first question “If you dropped and broke 2 of your dinner plates, How many would you have left?” I would have to say “All of them” because mine are plastic (I have children and I have dogs that can reach the counter).

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A shitload.I’m a potter :)
I won’t make a matching set for myself—it’s boring to me—;)

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I’d pick up a few solid colored ones in a complimentary color and do the mix and match thing. It’s more interesting visually anyway.

If I dropped 2 plates I’d still have a bunch left.

I like to pick them up at thrift stores and have an eclectic mix of plates. I think it’s more fun than the perfectly matched sets.

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If we dropped and broke two, we’d have eleven – some remaining combination of: Two white plastic cheapies, two brown ceramic ones, a rose-pink plastic one, two white glass ones with a green pattern, a beige Tupperware two-plate demo set that fits together, and two glass ones with a blue pattern. Our dinnerware theme is “his household post-divorce, her household post-college and Goodwill, and what they bought together.”

We’re not that fancy.

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I had this awesome plan.

I registered for a 12-piece service, bought by the piece from Linen’s And Things. $.99 a piece. Then, if any piece of my “nice plates” broke, I could just hop down to Linen’s And Things and drop a buck on a new piece.

So I get married, I get my plates… and a year later, Linen’s and Things goes out of business.

Go figure.

Oh, and I’d have 10 left. ^_^

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Replacements LTD is wonderful. It’s even a great site to find old pattern pieces. If we lost two we’d have 16 left.

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I would just go to the Franklin Mint and buy more Elvis Limited Edition Plate.

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Pretend it’s a Greek Christmas and break the rest!

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I have 16 everyday dinner plates, 16 Christmas pattern dinner plates, 14 plates in grandmother’s china, and 36 glass buffet plates (there were 40, but 4 were broken when I lent them to a friend.) So if two broke, I’d have, 14, 14, 12, or 34.

In case you’re wondering how I came to have so many dishes, I bought an 8 place settings of every day. My friend liked the pattern so she bought a set, too. When she redecorated her kitchen, she gave me her old dishes. I bought the Christmas dishes on sale when I first got married because we hosted Christmas for both sides of the family. Grandmother’s dishes are self-explanatory. The glass plates—I did a lot of entertaining at one point, but we seemed short on seating, so using glass plates enabled people to eat without having to sit at a table. At $1.99 each, I figured if I used them 7 times, they became cheaper to use than disposable plates. They’re very pretty.

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If I dropped and broke two of my dinner plates; I’d take it as asign that i was to get new… so I’d donate what was left of my matching dishes and go buy a new set of dinnerware….

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Get two plates that will be coordinates and use them at the head and foot of the table. Be sure they match or playoff the others.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That would be just my luck also!!! Rolling On The Floor Laughing! Thanks!
@PandoraBoxx Very interesting! That is a lot of plates!!! Thanks!
@Smile_Finally_Left_AB Excellent idea!!! Nice nice nice to see ya Smile!!!! So you finally left AB! Well glad to have you amongst us!! [hugs]

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I have all sorts of different everyday plates and only four of them match. I don’t care if they match. Everyone has their favorite plate. None of my silverware matches either. As far as Christmas plates, I don’t own any. I would just buy a new set of Christmas plates, I guess. I don’t know what I would do, because in reality I would never have any. There is nothing wrong with them, I just have no use for them.

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I found replacements for my pattern available on ebay.

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Sorry about the breakage. You must have been upset.

Of the good china, I’d have 10 left. In 31 years, though, we have not chipped or broken a single piece of the set. I think that’s amazing. I just wish it had been nicer in the first place, but we were very poor then.

In your place I’d look for something plain but complementary, such as 6 green or red ones, maybe with a little gold trim, or white ones with red or green trim. Then I’d set the table with alternating designs, half plain and half of the Christmas pattern you already have. I’d probably also look for some dessert plates or serving dishes or something else in the second (plain) pattern to make it all look more intentional and planned.

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Perhaps e-Bay or will yield a set or partial set.

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